Dino Rush for iPhone Simply Addictive Game That keeps You Coming Back For More

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Dino Rush

Dino Rush

Dino Rush Rating: ★★★★☆

Dino Rush or Dino Rush Dundy’s Adventure to give it its full name is a fun prehistoric adventure where little Dundy is tasked with eating as much fruit as possible in order to get as far as possible before running out of energy.

The controls are simple with a single tap of the screen launching Dundy into a short jump while a longer press or repeated presses will launch him further into the sky.  However as mentioned previously Dundy onl has a certain amount of energy and the more time spen in the air uses up this energy.  Run out of energy and it’s game over!

Fruit is Dundy’s life force though and there is plenty around for Dundy to chow down on by simply running, jumping or flying into it and this replenishes your energy.  There are many enemies in the way though to hinder you progress and hitting any of the pre-historic enemies will decrease your energy.

Dino Rush iPhone

Dino Rush iPhone

Eating fruit also boosts your speed from 1x, 2x, 3x and the fastest 4x and this is not only important from a speed perspective but also to complete one of the four missions that complete the first part of the game.  These four challenges are eating 100 fruit, achieving level 4x speed, reaching Volcano Land and the final one reaching the Ice Land.

Although completing these foru missions appears to complete the game there are multiple additional achievements to unlock and keep you coming back for more.  These achievements are all cumulative too and can be tracked via the Scores and Achievements screen.

These Scores and Achievements screen is on low point in Dino Rush as it appears on top of the main game screen and looks a little out of place and not in keeping with the rest of the style, this is small point though and doesn’t distract from the fun game-play.

Each time you complete the game you are rewarded coins that can be spent purchasing a variety of power-ups that normally appear random during normal game-play.  The power-ups that you purchase however are available to initiate at any point during the level, but are single use only so must be used wisely.

Dino Rush iPhone Game

Dino Rush iPhone Game

The coins can also be used to unlock a secondary character in the form of Dodo but at 1500 coins it may take a while to unlock him especially if you purchase the power-ups at 200 coins a piece.

A hint at a future update is also included in the game with a greyed out game option called Free Move with Coming Soon written across it. Hopefully this will be available very soon as more options would definitely add additional value.

Dino Rush is simply addictive and is well worth a look when it is released into the App Store later today.


  • Simple controls
  • Addictive game play
  • Cute character
  • Fun for all ages


  • Some menu conflicts
  • Only one game mode at launch

Reviewed on an iPhone 4


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