Amazing Digital Compass Apps for the iPhone 3GS

 In OS 3.0, Preview

iPhone developers are rapidly developing new iPhone apps which use the latest API’s in iPhone SDK 3.0 and new iPhone 3GS hardware capabilities. Developers are using the digital compass (magnetometer) not only in Maps applications but are also using it in games to provide unique gaming experience.

Nearest Tube Augmented Reality App for iPhone 3GS from acrossair

AirCoaster 3D (iPhone 3G S Compass + Accelerometer = Immersive 3D fun)

Pocket Universe v1.6

Now with iPhone 3GS Compass Support for Augmented Reality-like View!

Pocket Universe is the ideal astronomy program for those keen to learn about the night sky. The unique display is generated dynamically depending on your location and time, and then rendered in 3D for a super fast response – flick the sky and it spins around you. With “AutoTilt” or “Virtual Sky” mode, and the image will change as you hold the iPhone or iPod Touch up in front of you, making it easy to match what you see on the screen to the real sky.


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