Developers See Android Stronger than Apple iOS in Future

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Figures just in from a survey of developers by Appcelerator and IDC have found that around 60% of devs see Android as a better bet for the future, whilst 35% believe that iOS will remain dominant.

This is a shift from a previous survey that found around 55% favouring Android moving forward, over 40% for iOS.

The foundation for this belief seems to be that Android will be available on more flavors of hardware, and in effect more physical devices world-wide than iOS. That seems obvious when one considers the wealth of Android devices hitting the market in the coming months. Most notably Samsung’s own Galaxy Tab which is expected to be well received.

But there is still the problem of the varying levels of hardware capability in Android devices, and the widely ranging screen sizes, and versions of Android OS running on them. If manufacturers and Google can tidy up that mess a bit Android will be more of a threat to iOS but, until then we are not so sure.

Similarly more developers say they are keen to develop for GoogleTV in the future than for the AppleTV. This last statistic is a little easier to understand as we don’t even know, yet, if Apple plans to let developers get their hands on an SDK for AppleTV.

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