The Daily Trial Extended to the End of February, iOS 4.3 delayed?

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With News Corp’s The Daily users receiving a free trial, we all assumed the trial was partly down to the fact Apple’s subscription service wasn’t yet live, and that wouldn’t change until iOS 4.3 was made available.

The trial should close on February 16th, but as TUAW is reporting it appears users are now seeing the date being pushed back to February 28th.

Now rumours are abound that the reason for the delay is that Apple just isn’t ready to ship iOS 4.3 yet, and considering developers and beta testers still haven’t been given the GM, or Golden Master, that’s entirely possible.

Of course it’s also reasonable that either Apple or News Corps realised that the launch of the daily (pun kinda intended!) newspaper has been far from smooth and is trying to help things along. The app has been plagued by stability issues, with crashes being commonplace. Even if the app does run many people are finding the experience to be below par, with the app being criticized for its news content.

Time will tell whether iOS 4.3 will arrive just in time for the trial to expire, though knowing Apple’s ability to delay iOS releases I won’t be holding my breath!


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    Damn i wanted it today.

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      Me too! “/

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