Cydia App shows up on Apple’s iPad

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Some pictures are circulating on Twitter of Cydia running on an iPad. These originate from Will Strafach (@cdevwill). This is literally a day or so after pictures and videos surfaced of an iPad being “jailbroken” for the first time. We reported on that here : []

It seems that the hacker community is working at full bore to free the iPad from Apple’s walled software garden. Much like it has already done for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

For those of you who don’t know, Cydia is an app used to download other apps for a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s similar in many ways to the App Store app that comes installed on all “iDevices” when shipped from Apple. The difference being that the apps Cydia supplies are not sold via Apple. THey also often allow you to do things on your iDevice that Apple frowns upon. Like multitasking, and other system hacks. In order to use Cydia your device needs to be jailbroken though.

So all the pieces seem to be in place now as far as the hacker community is concerned. But it remains to be seen when this will all become public as it is likely that details of any jailbreak will be held back until Apple release a significant update to the iPhone OS. The reason for this, as I explained in our previous news piece, is that Apple tend to patch any exploits that become public. Holes in the iPhone Firmware are getting harder to find, so most hackers try to limit public releases to significant iPhone OS updates these days.

Are you excited about Cydia for your iPad? Or are you happy with the service that Apple provide? Let us know in the comments.


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  • aragoran

    website of the day, as published on “”
    its so useful…
    it works great on the new iPad

  • SteelMan

    Just get a palm pre. you can tether for free without any issues. Free mobile hotspot! Plus true multi tasking and you can have your iCake and eat it too!

  • Charles Fatman Barkely

    Being able to tether the iPhone to the iPad here we come!!!!

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