‘Cut The Rope: Experiments’ for iPad and iPhone Just Released

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Cut The Rope Experiments

The highly popular game Cut The Rope has just had a spinoff released called Cut The Rope: Experiments. It promises to be more of the same intriguing game play with a few new twists added.

In this version a new character, the Professor, has been introduced. Om Nom’s ability to devour candy endlessly has piqued his curiosity. He wants to conduct experiments into this fascinating behavior. New features have been added to assist him.

Cut the Rope: Experiments requires a different kind of strategy as players navigate new features including a rope gun and suction cup. The animation and soundtrack have also been updated, and the game includes colorful commentary by the Professor as he responds to Om Nom’s behavior and the players’ achievements.

The game is available for both iPhone and iPad. The iPhone version is priced at $.99 and the iPad version can be bought for $1.99. It is also Game Center compatible. And will be available worldwide on Thursday, August 4.

In addition, ZeptoLab is also promising a Cut The Rope comic book coming soon to the app store. Om Nom and the professor will have a whole new set of adventures for that.

Check out the official trailer below and let us know what you think.


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