Crossings HD for iPad. Brain Teasing River Crossing game with too few options

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Crossings HD 5

Crossings HD Rating: ★★½☆☆

Crossings HD is a puzzle game in the River Crossing style. I remember similar style brain teasers where the puzzle is how to transfer multiple people/animals/objects from one river bank to the other where there are certain restrictions on how much or how many things you can put in the boat at anyone time.

In this version for the iPad the same type of brain teasers are presented in a graphical form where you can attempt to move the passengers across the river in as few moves as possible based on the restrictions that are presented with. For example the second river crossing brain teaser provides the following conundrum:-

Four travellers want to cross the river
Only two travellers can cross the river simultaneously
The time to cross the the blue boy is 5 seconds, green is 10 seconds, red time is 20 seconds and the girl is 25 seconds.
You only have 60 seconds to cross all of them

While all of these things need to be taken into consideration as you attempt to make your crossing you don’t need to remember all the details as if you attempt to move one of the characters and it’s not a legitimate move you will be informed and will need to change your plan.

The graphics are pretty basic but they are drawn well and look bright and colorful on the iPads large screen. The sounds are rather minimal and basic too but just like the graphics this is not what you would be buying this puzzle game for. By default the background music is turned off but if you want to hear the cheery music you can simply tap the speaker icon at the bottom of the screen.

Moving your characters on and off of the boat on each side of the river is as simple as touching them on the screen and as previously mentioned if you attempt to make any illegal moves you will be prevented from doing so and you’ll need to try an alternate route.

What the game is missing is a reset button so that if you are part way though a puzzle and you realize that you need to restart it you have to return to the main menu and select the puzzle again.

Ultimately the game is let down by the fact that there are only 6 levels in the game which while they will keep you puzzling for a while offer no replay value once you have completed them. Also you can only unlock each level as you complete the previous level meaning that if you get stuck on any of the levels there is no way to look at any of the other levels and with the lack of any hints if you get stuck there is a definite possibility that you may only ever play half of the levels that are available.

At just 99 cents this app is not going to break the bank and if you like this kind of brain teaser you will be kept entertained. If these type of brain teasers are not for you then this app isn’t going to help you become a fan.


  • Classic river crossing puzzles


  • Only 6 levels
  • No simple restart options

Price: $0.99 (iTunes Store)
Category: Games
Released: Jun 18, 2010
Reviewed Version: 1.0
Size: 5.4 MB
Language: English
Seller: douglas santos
© 2010 douglas santos
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.


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