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Cross Fingers Rating: ★★★★½

Playing with wooden blocks, no longer child’s play!

You will need to exercise your brain, imagination, your reflexes and dexterity to complete all 120 levels. For unlimited replay value, unlock the Arcade Mode, which puts you in the middle of a frenetic machine where the challenge is to survive and beat the top score.

Cross Fingers, the latest game from Mobigame for iPhone/iPod touch may look like a simple game of fit the block into the target but I assure you it isn’t, mix of shape making and block escape puzzle genres makes this game as fresh as it is fun to play. Your goal is to fill the target shape with smaller shapes dotted around the level, now what makes this tricky are the levels, some are mazes, some are cramped block management athons and others have red blocks that spring back to their original positions making for some wicked gameplay as you struggle to wrap your fingers around each other and move pieces around while keeping others in place. With 120 levels spread over 4 difficulties you won’t find yourself getting bored any time soon unless, like me, you get completely addicted and blitz through them which took me around 24 hours if I had played solidly.

Cross Fingers iPhone GameOnce you’ve cracked all the normal puzzles arcade mode is unlocked, while following the same premise of the puzzles, it has a single level and 4 gaps in the walls, though these gaps shapes are pushed through and you now have to use them to fill up the central square to make them disappear again earning points for the simple score board found before you start playing. Take too long about it and your screen starts filling up and shapes shaking under the strain until finally they break and it’s game over.

Everything is made of wood, looks like wood, sounds like wood with accurate wood colliding sounds that vary with the speed of your input, except the blocks glow when you touch them which isn’t particularly wood like unless you were say Gambit from X-Men. Even the non gaming interface is made of wood making an all round seamless and solid interface albeit a little on the quiet side with the level completing whoosh breaking up the sounds of wood colliding as there isn’t a soundtrack to speak of.

While this game’s use of multi touch is exemplary I find that it could do with tightening up as blocks sometimes track behind my finger and the app sometimes forgets that I have my finger on a block, particularly noticeable on the red blocks that keep moving back to their original positions, making for some frustrating gameplay on more complex levels. Minor niggles I have here is the target shape is rather dark, making it hard to see on a dark background in certain conditions and there’s no progress save so one ill timed call on your iPhone could blow your hard work away.

With lots of challenging and unique gameplay, making great use of multi touch at a fantastic price, what more could you want? Buy this game!

Price: $0.99 (iTunes Link) (free version, iTunes Link) as of 21/12/09
Version reviewed 1.0.1

The Good

  • Unique gameplay
  • Lots of levels
  • Great use of multi touch…

The Not so Good

  • …that needs work
  • No auto save for level progress

Reviewed by: @TylerDurdan

Cross Fingers by Mobigame – iPhone Game


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