CrazyCopter2 iPhone Game Review: Could Be A Fun Game

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crazycopter 2 iPhone

crazycopter 2 iPhone

CrazyCopter2 Rating: ★★½☆☆

I’ve always liked the idea of flying a helicopter, however from an early age I believed that my color-blindness would prevent me from achieving that goal. As a teenager there were a wealth of people flying outdoor remote control helicopters which I could never afford, and then in this decade the small, indoor helicopters were everywhere and sure enough I finally got my hands on one. Unfortunately the commercials made them look a lot easier to fly than they actually were and soon they were in pieces.

Now though I would be able to enjoy the pleasure of flying my very own helicopter in the safe environment of my iPod touch…or at least that’s what I thought.

CrazyCopter2 puts you in control of your 4 blade flying machine in a 3D environment where you task is to defeat the Red Hand Gang who have taken control of Action City. To defeat them you must locate the various cases that the Red Hand Gang are using to control the mind of the citizens. You must do this while under attack from the numerous gun turrets located all over the city.

A short tutorial is available at any time but the controls are relatively simple. Tilting the iPhone/iPod left and right will rotate your helicopter while the two virtual buttons in the bottom left and right hand corner of the screen control you up/down movement and speed. But while the controls are simple enough flying a helicopter is still a difficult task and it takes a while to be able to control your helicopter well enough to complete the levels.

As you fly around the city collecting the cases and shooting the gun turrets, (a quick touch of the screen where the gun turret is will see it shot to pieces providing you have enough ammo), it’s difficult not to notice how basic the graphics are. It’s not that they are bad, just plain and simple. The graphics give so little atmosphere that it feels like you’re flying through one of the fake cities that the armed forces use practice their maneuvers.

There are 20 levels spread across 4 environments but while the difficulty level increases the game play doesn’t get any more exciting. The premise of CrazyCopter2 is great and could be a good game but more polish is required, the controls need to be smoother, the graphics upgraded and a stronger storyline.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4At 99cents it won’t break the bank and if future updates are applied correctly this could be a fun game.

The Good

  • Easy to pick up controls
  • 20 Levels

The Not So Good

  • Difficult to master controls
  • Basic graphics
  • Poor menu navigation

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

Crazycopter 2 iPhone Gameplay


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