Convert Adobe Flash File to HTML5 [Sneak Peek]

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It’s no secret that Steve Jobs is on a personal mission to rid the world of Adobe’s Flash and has gone so far as to not support the software language at all on Apple’sĀ iOS devices. With that in mind it’s interesting to read that Adobe’s John Nack is drawing attention to a demo from Adobe’s MAX 2010 conference of a new tool the company is working on. A tool, that will allow developers to take their Flash projects and convert them into HTML5 and other non-Flash languages. Interesting? You betcha!

HTML5 is the web standard Jobs and co believe makes Flash pretty much obsolete and is the backbone of all the shiny new webapps popping up all over the internet. Even YouTube now supports HTML5 for those who don’t want to fight with Flash just to watch a video of a cat on a skateboard. The fact that Adobe is trying to give developers a way to convert Flash items into HTML5 will be of great interest to iOS developers out there. Just think how many Facebook apps they could make run on an iPad!

Before everyone gets too excited, remember this is still early days and the tool isn’t yet ready for public release. Watch this space.

[at MAX 2010] Sneak Peeks – Export fla file to html file.

[via MacRumors]


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