Conan: Tower of the Elephant Review: A Simple Hack N Slash RPG that Won’t Challenge the RPG Fanboys

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Rating: ★★½☆☆

Conan: Tower of the Elephant Review: Chillingo are hitting the App Store in normal prolific style with Conan: Tower of the Elephant {$1.99}. Don’t turn away yet however, this is nothing to do with the former Governor of California, instead it concentrates on the character he portrayed back in the 1980’s.

Where does the elephant come into the story you may ask, I certainly don’t remember Conan battling one. No, instead the elephant is a reference to a precious stone, the Heart of the Elephant’ that you are challenged to hunt down and retrieve from the Tower of the Elephant.

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Conan: TofE is an RPG adventure where the emphasis is on action as Conan hacks and slashes his way through the levels. It’s this hacking and slashing that will not only prevent you from getting killed but also enables you to spend the gold that you gain from your slaughter on improving your characters and earn XP.

The control method for fighting uses a circular pad to swipe over while a d-pad controls your movement. It’s an interesting new control method and while you will find yourself swiping over the screen in a frantic manner it’s really no different to button bashing multiple action buttons which is the usual tried and trusted method for such games. A choice of control methods would have been nice.

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The graphics in the game are slightly old school and are certainly not pushing the boundaries that we have come to expect from Chillingo and this is repeated throughout the game where there is a general feeling of just going through the motions.

Not everything in the game is about killing everything in your path, as you do this you will also have tasks to complete that can be managed via the pause menu along with your inventory and a map that I found myself referencing often as I was tasked to find various things and people around the land.

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All of these things are explained via a nice tutorial as you start the game which gets you set on your quest and the story is well paced if not particularly challenging.

If you are new to the genre then Conan: Tower of the Elephant would be a good introduction to RPG’s. If you are looking for more of an involved challenge then maybe you should move on to the next game.

As a universal app however and just $1.99 it’s not a huge risk to take and who knows what future updates have to hold!
Conan: Tower of the Elephant - Chillingo Ltd

  • Fun movie tie-in
  • Easy to learn and play
  • Innovative attack system


  • Not breaking any boundaries
  • Limited depth
  • Simple graphics


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