Conan O’Brien Presents iPad 2 Parody Video

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It’s not unusual for Apple to receive flattery in the form of parody videos for it’s hugely popular products and now it’s time for iPad 2.

Conan O’Brien, an American television host, on Thursday night’s show presented his own version of the introductory video of iPad 2 and went on to say that he thinks “the people at Apple are starting to get a little bit cocky.”

The video (embedded below) is quite comical as the actors poke fun at iPad 2 features, cameras and design while posing as Apple executives. The spoof ends with taking an aim at Apple “fanboys” by using the tag line : “iPad 2. You’ll buy it no matter what we say.”

The first gen iPad was truly a revolutionary product but the second gen tablet from Apple is more evolutionary in nature.

The second gen iPad will go on sale on March 11th in the U.S and it will be interesting to see if Apple is able to capture the interest of consumers this time. Steve Jobs in his keynote presentation said that the year 2011 will be the year of iPad 2 which strongly suggests that there will be no iPad 3 before 2o12.

Are you excited about the new iPad? Will you be buying one? Let us know what you think.


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  • Tch654

    I having been using the iPad for 6 months or so. I understand the near-perfect user experience delivered by the iPad.

    Will be signing up to buy a new iPad2 as soon as the product is available in our locality.

  • James Kelly

    It’s true, Apple is cocky. Steve Jobs seems to have a disgusting attitude, constantly critisising other companies who make better products then them because he’s jealous and immature.

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