Could These Be Components for Apple’s iPhone 5?

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Components said to be from Apple’s iPhone 5 have surfaced on the web today. Published by Italian weblog iPhoneItalia, these components are said to be part of the upcoming device’s speaker and home screen button, and tell us a little bit about what the fifth-generation iPhone will be like.

Firstly, the fact that home button components for this device exist altogether completely overturns recent rumors that have suggested the next iPhone will feature a capacitive touch button. Assuming these are genuine parts, they rule out a redesigned home button for the next iPhone.

With regards to the speaker; it appears the next device will feature the same mono speaker that has appeared in iPhone 4 – no stereo speakers from Apple just yet.

What’s most interesting about these parts are the those little red and blue wires that are dangling from the side. Apple doesn’t solder any of the components into their iPhones – they are all clipped in – which suggests that these parts aren’t legitimate. However, they could be prototype parts, and because of iPhoneItalia’s good track record with recent rumors, we won’t dismiss this one just yet.

However, I will give you my opinion: the reason I don’t think these are legitimate parts is because I firmly believe the fifth-generation iPhone will sport largely the same design as the iPhone 4. Though some of its main components may be updated, such as the introduction of Apple A5 processor and possibly a larger screen, I think lesser components such as the home button and speakers will remain the same. Therefore, they will look no different to the iPhone 4’s components.

Maybe these are actually parts for the sixth-generation device instead? Only time will tell.


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