Color Me!!! Provides a great introduction to iPhone for Kids

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Color Me!!! Rating: ★★★★☆

Color Me!!! is a simple coloring book aimed at the iPhone/iPod Touch younger users, or perhaps the children of the iPhone/iPod Touch owners. Simplicity is the key for many apps and when your target audience is 2-6 year olds then simplicity is even more imperative, and luckily Color Me!!! is very simple to use.

After launching the applications the child will have 3 categories of pictures to choose from. The first is animals, the second is numbers and the third consist of a range of cartoon style animals. The animal categories are probably going to be the most popular with children, they are big charismatic pictures that I think any child would enjoy adding color to. There are 10 pictures to color in the number section with each one consisting of a single number in a rang of styles.

color me iPhoneSelecting a category and a subsequent picture is very simple. You scroll up and down to move through the categories and then scroll right to left to select a picture to color. While the scrolling through the multiple pictures within each category makes sense having to scroll through 3 images to select a category seems a little bit like scrolling for scrolling sake and for young children specifically it may prove tricky to scroll through just 3 items.

With a picture selected you are now ready to color it. The color pallet is located at the bottom of the screen and rather than just offering a fixed set of colors to choose from the color selection is controlled by a sliding scale of colors meaning that the only limit on color select is your child’s imagination. With the color selected it can be applied to the picture simply by touching the section on the picture that you wish to add the colour too.

The one down side to coloring any picture is the fact that backgrounds can only have a single color applied to them, even if the background is split into multiple areas by other items in the picture applying a color to a part of it will apply it to the whole  background. I think it would be better if this was not the case so that children could have even more options when coloring the picture.

color me iPhone_1The resulting pictures often look great regardless of the colors applied thanks to the bold design of the pictures and its easy to export the pictures too. Each picture includes a Menu and Export but at the top and the Export option allows you to either save the picture to your Photo Library or post it to Facebook, however including a direct link to email the picture would have been nice.

At 99c Color Me!!! is a great introduction to the iPhone/iPod Touch for children and not only will they enjoy coloring the pictures but it will also be a great introduction to how the touch screen works.

The Good

  • Simple interface
  • Bright, bold pictures and colors
  • Over 30 pictures

The Not So Good

  • More picture sharing options
  • Only one background color

Price: $0.99 (iTunes Store Preview)
Updated Feb 25, 2010
Current Version: 1.3
Size: 4.6 MB
Languages: English
Seller: SID Sp. z o.o.
© SID On
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.


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  • darwinscoloringpages

    Color Me!!! is a simple coloring book aimed at the iPhone/iPod Touch is an ideal for the audience is 2-6 year olds.The picture appear on the top with the animation of the crab often looks great and well colored.What a great post,thank you.

  • Heidi S

    I wanted to share with your readers, my giveaway for Wheels on the bus which is also a fantastic app for toddlers (ends 3/28):

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