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Collider the Game Rating: ★★★½☆

Physics based puzzle games have become more and more popular and one of the latest to fall into the App Store is Collider the Game from Dan Russel-Pinson. Collider the Game challenges you to clear over 50 levels of positive and negative elements.

The game is as simple as they come yet sometimes frustratingly difficult, especially in the later levels, it also has the kind of can’t put down addictiveness that can result in sleepless nights and late attendees at work, college or school. All that being said though it’s not without it’s faults.

Collider the game iPhoneEach level presents you with a selection of negative and positive particle balls and your challenge is to collide them together to make them disappear. As with most games of this style the early levels present you with pretty straight forward challenges where you task will be as simple as rolling the balls along metallic runways, tubes and platforms. Placing your particle balls where you think they will collide with themselves and or the non-placement particles balls you then hit the play button to set them free and watch how they react in the industrial environment.

As you progress the levels get more and more challenging and you’ll have explosives, gates, non-charged balls and ropes to name but a few additional challenges to overcome and you’ll find yourself replaying some of the levels multiple times while you tweak your placement to complete the level. Replaying the levels is simply enough, hit the rewind button and the level will reverse back to your previous setup. However, while the rewind motion to reset the level is cute, by the time your are on your 20th reset the slow motion rewind can be frustrating and an option to instantly reset the level would be a great addition.

Collider the game iPhone_2In addition to the rewind option you can also use a fast forward button to speed up the levels to find out whether your particle placement has worked or not. The levels have an industrial feel to them but the styling is a little lacking and has a retro feel that doesn’t feel in keeping with this type of game. You can also choose to play the game both the sound effects and music, just the sound effects or no sound to allow you to listen to your own music.

The game is a single player game and offers no leader boards for either local or online comparison.

Overall Collider the Game just misses the mark, the difficulty level just out balances the addictiveness and while it can be fun it can also be challenging.

The Good

  • Over 50 challenging levels
  • Simple controls
  • Good physics

The Not So Good

  • A style from yesteryear
  • Slow motion reset can be frustrating

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

Intro Video

Price: $.99 (iTunes Store)
Reviewed Version: 1.0
Size: 9.7 MB
Seller: Dan Russel-Pinson


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  • Dan Russell-Pinson

    FYI: Collider Version 1.2 has just been released! It offers 14 brand new levels and a new sensor that turns everything upside-down.

    It also offers a “fast rewind” option that was asked for in this review.

    You can see the new levels in action in this 1 minute video:

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