Coconut Dodge for iPad Dodging Projectiles Has Never Been This Fun

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Coconut Dodge

Rating: ★★★½☆

Coconut Dodge is a very simple game where you are a crab that is dodging falling coconuts while collecting gold orbs, rubies and several other objects to gain point. This game has several ways of challenging you to collect the most valuable objects while dodging the falling coconuts.

Coconut Dodge

The controls in Coconut Dodge are quite simple and that is what makes it great for anyone to pick up and play. The controls are as simple as a left and right directional button in the bottom left corner of the screen. The location of the controls seem to be a bit awkward being at the bottom left corner. That aside, the controls are easy and make this game easy to learn. There are methods to the madness but the controls will not get in the way.

Coconut Dodge

This game uses small variables to change up the gameplay and keep the game fresh. The simple gameplay consists of you navigating your crab beneath the falling golden orbs and gems as well as other objects to increase your score. The falling gems are worth more than the golden orbs but the golden anchors are worth even more. Watch out for the falling coconuts as you loose a life each time you are hit with one and you only have three lives each game. There is however a Viking hat that flies out on occasion and if you can catch it, you have a limited window where the coconuts don’t hurt you. Little variables like this help change up the way you approach the game.

Coconut Dodge

Another game changer is the small mazes that pop up seemingly at random throughout the game. The mazes are waves of coconuts and golden orbs that require you to manipulate your crab through without being pummeled by coconuts. This adds a little flavor to the constant dodging of coconuts. This along with the constantly collecting the gems and diamonds to gain more points help take this game from a simple move left and right game to a more competitive and challenging game. There is no single way to collect the most points so you must keep a quick wit about yourself.

Coconut Dodge

The presentation is of Coconut Dodge is great. The game has a bit of a cartoony feel but that helps make it fun for kids and adults and its simplicity makes that a possibility. The audio is good, nothing to write home about but it doesn’t really need to be. A fun game for the entire family and definitely worth picking up for under $2.


  • Fun for the entire family
  • Good Presentation
  • Addictive


  • A Bit simple at times
  • Audio Presentation Could be Better

Price: $1.99 (View in App Store)


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