‘ChocoRun’ Review – One Dimensional Game that Offers Limited Frustrating Fun

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Rating: ★★½☆☆

Having lived through electronic gaming since it all started with the Binatone gaming system I’m all for a little bit of retro gaming action and while ChocoRun is not a port of a previously released game it’s 8bit styling certainly is.

Because of it’s great pixelated graphics the game is presented itself as a fun platformer and add to that the bizarre storyline of a piece of chocolate trying to escape from a time warp the game certainly had me intrigued.

Unfortunately that was not to last for long as it was clear all to soon that ChocoRun is a one dimensional one trick pony that runs out of steam extremely quickly.

The premise of each of the available 30 levels is to help your piece of chocolate out of the level by finding the exit portal. To do this all you have to do is make it jump by tapping the screen.

Controls are as easy as the come, tap anywhere on the screen when you want to jump, time it just right and you’ll jump over any obstacle that is placed in front of you which predominantly take the form of either spikes or rotating blades. Hit any obstacle and it is game over and you are placed back at the beginning of the stage.

Movement is automatic, so to change direction you’ll need to jump against a wall and bounce back in the other direction. This same method can help you climb around the levels and ultimately reach the portal.


Success on each level is measure on the speed it takes you to complete it and you are ranked on a 3 star system. However, the levels are split into 3 groups of 10 and you can play any of the 10 in any order once you have unlocked the set.

Despite the uninspiring graphics, sound and limited controls there is a certain degree of innocent addictiveness to the game. The main reason for this is the speed in which the game re-starts after your Choco character is speared on a spike or shredded on a spinning saw. Because of this it’s easy to find yourself repeatedly just having one more go to see if this time you can complete the level you are stuck on.

The game is also a universal app and at 99c is not going to break any wallets so for those of you that are fans of retro platform gaming this may be for you. It will also be interesting to see what the game can offer in future updates which it promises are coming soon.
ChocoRun - Alejandro Jimenez Vilarroya

  • The simplest of controls
  • Frustratingly addictive


  • One dimensional gameplay
  • Limited variety


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