Chinagram – Chinese Writing: Unlike Anything Else on the App Store

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Rating: ★★★★☆

Chinagram - Chinese Writing-1Chinagram – Chinese Writing Review: Whether you are learning the language or looking for a cryptic tattoo then Chinagram could be just the app for you. Chinagram for the iPad is a beatifully packaged set of over 100 chinese words for you to both learn and practice to write.

The whole app looks great and is a pleasure to navigate around, from the 12 pages of Chinese writing history to the pages and pages of the words themselves the app oozes quality.

The history of Chinese writing that’s included in this app is an eye opening article and it’s interspersed with beautiful illustrations too. It’s the letter writing though that this app is all about.

The words are grouped into a variety of categories from Animals and Household items to Nature and Travel there is something for everyone here. Each word has it’s own page and includes the evolution of the word, a description, pronunciation and a guide to how to write the word itself.

The writing part of the app continues where the the rest of the app left off with a stylish looking palette and a range of brushes to paint the word on the iPad. There’s even an option to have the strokes numbered so that you can paint the word in the right order.

Chinagram isn’t going to appeal to a whole bunch of people but what it does it does beautifully and I’m pretty sure there is nothing else like it in the App Store.
Chinagram - Chinese Writing - Vallardi

  • Looks great
  • 100+ words
  • Pronunciation included


  • Limited use case



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