Next Generation iPad Mockup Sighted at CES

iPad 2 Mockup

Both here at Touch Reviews, and elsewhere on the web, images of next generation iPad cases have been fairly common place over the last few weeks. It is generally accepted that these cases give us a fairly good idea of how the next iPad will look, as leaks in Apple’s supply chain have previously allowed manufacturers in China to get … Read More

RIM’s PlayBook Will Need Better Battery to Compete With Apple’s iPad

A new report from a Kaufman Bros. analyst this week suggests that RIM’s upcoming PlayBook tablet will need a significantly better battery if it has any chance of competing with Apple’s already hugely successful iPad. Shaw Wu states in his report that he would be “very surprised” if the PlayBook manages to match the 10-hour battery life of the iPad, … Read More

Second-Gen Apple iPad Cases Removed From Chinese Trade Site

iPad 2 Second Gen Case

Cases listed on international business-to-business trade site, which are rumored to be for the second-generation iPad, were removed earlier this week after the site received a “legitimate takedown request” and was ordered to remove the listings. Although a spokesman for the Alibaba Group declined to disclose the source of the request, the fact that the site was ordered to … Read More

State of the Apple iPad 2011

iPad 2011

2010 was undoubtedly the “Year of the iPad”. As much as the last couple of years have been the iPhone years. Initially some pundits predicted that the iPad would only sell in numbers approaching 1 million. Well, Apple has surpassed those estimates by an order of magnitude! Ah, but then those same pundits were then quick to counter with claims … Read More

Kinect-Like Gesture Technology for iPad To Be Shown Off at CES 2011

Touch-screen devices are steadily taking over the world, but one Norwegian tech company is already trying to move us into a future touch-free interfaces. Elliptic Labs will be at CES 2011 to show off its latest creation – a dock attachment that will enable a whole new way to interact with an iPad using gestures made just above the screen’s surface. … Read More

Google Voice Update Supports iPad and iPod Touch

The Google Voice application for iOS was updated yesterday, and the search giant announced in a post on its blog that the latest version of its application is compatible with the iPad and the iPod touch. Another feature, called Click2Call, was also introduced in this update to support the devices that cannot initiate calls. Google’s blog post explains: While you … Read More

CNN Releases New iPad App and It’s Free

CNN App for iPad Magazine

CNN has thrown its hat into the iPad publishing ring with its own digital magazine app for Apple’s Tablet and it is free. If you are a CNN viewer then this may be the app for you. Although a couple of initial reviews have noted problems getting the app to connect to CNN’s servers. Not an auspicious start, although I … Read More

7-inch Apple iPad Mini Rumors Surface Again

Reuters are reporting that Apple is getting ready to manufacture a 7 inch iPad for launch early next year. Yes, we’ve heard this all before. And yes, Steve Jobs has publicly denied the idea. But then, as I have pointed out before, Apple have also denied the idea of mice with more than one button, iPods that play videos, Mac … Read More

Desktop Version of Google Docs Comes to Apple iPad

Google announced through its Google Docs Blog recently that iPad users can now enjoy the full desktop version of Google Docs on their iOS tablet device. A lightweight mobile-optimized editor has been available to all iOS devices for some time now, however, the mobile version lacks a few features that were only accessible on a desktop browser – until now. … Read More

iPad 2 Case Images Hit the Internet [Rumor]

iPad 2 Case

It’s that time again folks! A handful of weeks to go until the first rumored launch date of Apple’s next “big thing”. The second generation iPad and the first “spy shots” of components have hit the internet. A manufacturer in Shenzen China is offering these iPad 2 backs (pictured above) as spares already. But whether these are components for the … Read More

Apple’s 2nd Gen iPad Update to Feature LCD Screen

Digitimes have been digging around Apple’s supply chains again, and today the not so surprising news is on the iPad 2’s screen. Apple have ordered Back Light Units (BLUs) for the production of the next version of their tablet, and AMOLED screens don’t use them. The comparative display quality of Apple’s Retina display, and even their slightly lower spec iPad … Read More

iPad 2 Shipping Early 2011?

DigiTimes, the fount of all manufacture rumours related to Apple it seems, have reported that Foxconn (Apple’s manufacturing partner) have been “notified” that shipping of Apple’s iPad 2 should commence “within 100 days” and should be in volumes of between 400,000 and 600,000 units initially. Apparently Apple planned to ship the iPad 2 even earlier than this. Something we have … Read More

Apple Highlights iOS 4.2 Features in New iPad Ad

Apple likes to put out new ads when they release some new kit, or old kit gets new features. The iPad update to iOS 4.2.1 does just that, with new features such as AirPlay and AirPrint. Apple’s new ad, which appeared online recently, aims to show potential customers just how far the world’s favorite tablet has come. The 30 second … Read More

Virgin “Project” Magazine Hits Apple iPad

Project By Virgin Digital Publishing for iPad

Richard Branson, one of the more loveable and gloriously eccentric British Billionaires has launched his own idea of what new media should be in the form of an iPad only magazine called “Project”. The front cover of the first issue is primarily dedicated to Jeff Bridges in reference to his upcoming role reprisal in the new Tron movie (Tron : … Read More

No Retina Display for iPad 2?

Flicking through my usual RSS feeds I came across an interesting post by Ryan Block over on Block contemplates the impending arrival of Apple’s 2nd generation iPad and whether it will sport the Cupertino outfits impressive Retina Display. It’s worth having a read of the whole post over on gdgt, but the post points out that in order to … Read More