Apple Already Working on iPad 3 To Be Available This September?

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber recently gave us his opinion on where Apple is going with its incredibly popular iPad. However, unlike all of the iPad 2 rumors that have been circulating recently, Gruber has instead speculated on Apple’s third-generation device iPad 3 — suggesting that it could be released when the iPod line is updated in September of this year: … Read More

WSJ : Apple iPad 2 “Now in Production”

If Apple ever leaks information that it wants us to read, then it is generally accepted that it is leaked via the Wall Street Journal. In an article in the WSJ today it has been claimed by “reliable sources” that the iPad 2 is now in full production for Apple, something we reported on a while ago. And that its … Read More

Is this Facetime for the iPad 2?

iPadDevice have reportedly managed to extract the Facetime portions from the latest iOS 4.3 SDK, released to developers, and have got it to run on a jailbroken iPad. In the video you can see that the iPad it is running on doesn’t have its own video feed sending (as it has no camera!), or an inset image of that video … Read More

iPad 2 Will Be Thinner, Lighter, Faster, Same Display – Says WSJ

A recent report from the Wall Street Journal, which cites “people familiar with the matter,” claims that Apple’s second-generation iPad 2 will not only be thinner, lighter, and faster, but it will also boast a faster processor, more memory, a better graphics processor, and a front-facing camera. On the downside, there will be no Retina display – the iPad 2’s … Read More

iPad 2 to Boast NFC, Carbon Fibre Case & 7-inch Model?

More rumors speculating the technical specifics of Apple’s iPad 2 have emerged today, as a report from iLounge lists a few details which may be introduced when the device is announced. Although the information comes from an iLounge source that has proven to be reliable in the past, the information provided lists features that we don’t think we’ll see in … Read More

iPad 2 Spotted at Launch of ‘The Daily’ with Front-Facing Camera?

The Daily Launch iPad 2

At a media conference launching ‘The Daily’ digital newspaper on Wednesday, and eagle-eyed attendee claims to have spotted a working prototype of Apple’s second-generation iPad 2, notable by its front-facing camera. A report from Reuters is backing up the claims after a source with knowledge of the device confirmed its existence, and also suggested that the finished model could boast … Read More

News Corps “The Daily” for Apple’s iPad : Details

In a leak somewhat reminiscent of a Microsoft launch event (i.e. What we are all waiting to hear leaks 5 minutes before the event!) details of News Corp’s “The Daily” digital newspaper for the iPad have been outed by Gizmodo – who ironically were not invited to the event! The list of features sounds pretty good, if News Corp can … Read More

‘The Daily’ for iPad Launches Today Watch Live Stream At 11 AM ET

Launch The Daily iPad

News Corporation is all set to officially launch ‘The Daily’ today during an event where Apple’s vice president of Internet Services, Eddy Cue will be present as a special guest. The Daily is the first national daily news publication created for the iPad. The launch holds a lot importance as it will set the stage for subscription based apps in … Read More

Samsung Galaxy Tab Returns At 16%. Apple iPad only At 2%

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has not sold anywhere near as well as Samsung initially hoped, or boasted that it would. But that is not all the bad news for Samsung. In countries like the US they have an option for shoppers anecdotally referred to as “Buyers Remorse”, where people can return items they decide they didn’t really want as long … Read More

Apple’s iPad 2 To Skip SD Card Slot? [Second Generation]

iPad 2 No SD Card Slot

The rumor mill has been busy speculating the new features and hardware changes in Apple’s upcoming second gen iPad or iPad 2. Almost all rumors we have previously reported agree with at least three major changes. iPad 2 will be thinner & lighter, support FaceTime camera and 3-axis gyroscope. However, the possibility of retina display and SD card slot still remains … Read More

First Gen iPad Available in India. Should You Buy Or Wait for iPad 2?

Apple iPad India Price Launch

Apple’s iPad was finally released in India on Friday nine months after the U.S release. When Steve Jobs announced the revolutionary iPad during his keynote in January last year the WiFi model was supposed to be available worldwide in early April. But the roll out plan didn’t go as expected due huge demand and production delays. However, as production issues … Read More