Carriers Testing Apple’s 4G capable LTE iPhone (Rumor)

Apple iPhone 4G LTE

Apple iPhone 4G LTE

Though there is no confirmation that an LTE iPhone 5 is on the way, BGR reported early Monday morning that Apple’s carrier partners are testing an LTE capable iPhone.

The new prototype that Apple is reportedly testing is expected to operate on multiple carrier’s LTE 4G networks. BGR also mentioned in the report that internal firmware from an iOS test build confirmed that the new standard was being tested on “One of Apple’s major carriers”.

Verizon’s LTE 4G network launched in late 2010, making it likely that this may be the network that Apple is currently testing on. AT&T, another major carrier of the iPhone 4 is expected to launch its 4G LTE network throughout 15 markets by the end of 2011, making it widely available to over 70 million customers.

Reports earlier in 2011 have suggested that an LTE enabled iPhone 5 may be released in a little more than a year and that this may be due to the fact that the appropriate chips from Qualcomm are not yet ready for the iPhone.

Battery life is also a major concern with 4G capabilities on the iPhone. Majority of HTC Android devices that operate on a 4G network have horrendous battery life, allowing for only 4-5 hours of 4G networking until the battery dies.

The iPhone 4 currently receives over 7 hours of battery life, something that is threatened by a 4G connection. Apple has not yet reveled any plans of a 4G enabled iPhone and no photo evidence has been revealed. Stay tuned for more news on Apple’s 4G capable iPhone.

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{via AppleInsider}


Kaled AliCarriers Testing Apple’s 4G capable LTE iPhone (Rumor)