Cardiofit: Track Your Body Stats and The Exercise You Put It Through

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Touch Rating: ★★★½☆

Serious repository for track athletes tracking both your body stats and the exercise you put it through.

CardioFit is an application to manage your personal constitution and trainings sessions for all types of endurance sports. With CardioFit the user has the possibility to show his personal results graphically within the clear user interface. For both your personal and the training data the user interface elements are the same so that CardioFit is easy to use from the very first.

On first run of this application you are immediately prompted to enter your height and gender so that it can calculate your BMI and you will also find settings to turn on Polar OwnZone (if you have a Polar pulse watch) allowing you to record information from that in your iPod Touch. Also present here is space for you to enter WebDav credentials, allowing you to backup and restore your information to services like MobileMe or a multitude of free/paid services a search away.

You are presented with a screen with 3 tabs, Personal where you can enter your body details for the day (you are free to change the date if you so desire), Training where you can enter details about the training you have done for the day (again changeable if you so wish). Entering a record shows exactly what kind of user this is app is aimed at, with field entries such as fat percentage (which I know requires some special kit), calories (eaten? burned?) track length and duration of the session on training. Luckily personal items are a little more simple requiring nothing more than scales for your weight and a tape measure to measure around your waist, bottom, and Femoral (Thigh in other words)

Both of these screens display past data in graphs, the former being a line graph and the latter being a bar chart which are easily configurable by tapping the To: and From: dates present or by tapping the arrow which swaps that for preset time periods of say three months or one year to give a couple of examples so you can see how you are progressing. Also if you tap the graph it will change to a different data field, however you are stuck cycling around in one direction and there is little indication to the user that the graph has changed unless your graph is dramatically different. I would have liked to see swipe as an image support here rather than just tap, as not only would it let you go both back and forth along the order of different fields but would give you a larger indication that you’ve changed what data you are looking at.

The final tab is Manage which lets you view and delete entries from Training and Personal but sadly no edit so you better be sure you’ve entered everything correctly else you have to start the record again, there are also buttons in the top right corner to either upload or download your database to/from your WebDav account, cleverly disguised as move up and down as message as seen in the mail app.

While on the subject of WebDav, CardioFit doesn’t support all WebDav services out there as found when trying to test this function but with some effort I managed to get to work as you have to specify a directory in the WebDav address that is freely accessible from the Internet. If you are wondering if your WebDav service will work it’s easy to test by copying a text file to your area then typing the exact (case sensitive) address into a web browser, if the file is offered to or starts downloading then your service will work with CardioFit.

My issues with this application is that it’s aimed squarely at the single user, if support for profiles were to be added it would open up a whole new angle for coaches to keep track of their student’s training with their iPhone and people to keep track of their friends further promoting the application. I would feel using an easily accessible spreadsheet format rather than the current .sqlite3 would help promote long term usage when coupled with a computer.

iphone-app-reviews-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price $1.99

(ver 1.2 as of 03/08/09)

The Good

  • Supports Polar OwnZone watches
  • Easy to see progress over time
  • Feature complete for the Semi/Pro track athlete
  • WebDav support…

The Not So Good

  • …that can be problematic
  • Single user profile
  • Unusual backup format
  • Data fields need explaining better

Reviewed by: TylerDurdan

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