Car Control for iPhone: Free Traffic Management Game From HandyGames

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Car Control iPhone

After the success freemium (premium games for free) games like Eliminate Pro and Touch Pets Dogs more eatsblished game developers seem to follow the latest trend in the App Store.

HandyGames, one of the leading independent mobile games developer and publisher based in Germany today launched their first freemium game title called Car Control. The game offers a fresh take on the popular traffic management genre with stunning 2D graphics, 1950’s car models and perfect sound effects.


  • Up to 42 levels with tricky tasks
  • Avoid crashes and traffic jams while guiding cars to the right exit
  • Experience the colorful world and music of the fifties
  • 3 different scenarios
  • Prove your organizing skills and dexterity on your way to the high score
  • Comprehensive local and international high score list
  • Create different profiles for you and your friends
  • Intuitive gesture controls

Car Control is a casual game where the object is to guide the colored cars which emerge from tunnels to their respective exists within the time limit. The direction in which the cars move can be changed by moving your finger in the direction you want the junction to be set. Each level starts with a defined goal and your aim to complete the level without crashing or guiding the car to the wrong exit.

The controls are very intuitive however sometimes changing the direction of the junction can be challenging as the area in which you have to move your finger is quite small. The game features 6 levels and once you complete the levels you can easily upgrade and buy 3 expansion packs of 12 levels each. Car Control has online leaderboard integrated which is great to compare your scores against the top scores worldwide.

Car Control for iPhone is a cute and addictive game. It’s free get it now!

Price: Free (iTunes Store)
Released: Feb 24, 2010
Version: 1.0
Size: 9.2 MB
Languages: English, German
Seller: GmbH
© 2010 GmbH


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