Amuse and Entertain Yourself With Captain Galactic For iPhone

Captain Galactic Rating: ★★★½☆

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a spaceman or super hero before? Well now you have the opportunity to combine both those dreams into one as you take on the role of Captain Galactic in his quest to save the Universe.

Captain Galactic is a space based platformer where instead of running, jumping, collecting and defeating enemies along horizontal platforms you run around numerous planets using their gravitational pull, stick and launch yourself between them. All the usual platform tasks are here, collecting coins throughout the levels is a side task alongside the main task of rescuing people located through the levels and return them to your ship.

Captain Galactic iPhone Game

Captain Galactic iPhone Game

The controls are simple enough once you get used to them, the left hand slider controls the direction your character runs/flies around each planet, ether clockwise or anti-clockwise. While the button in the bottom right corner of the screen launches Captain Galactic out of orbit and from planet to planet.

The cartoon style graphics look good and while the levels look pretty similar they do all have their own distinct style. Cut scenes between each level tell the story of Captain Galactic’s attempt to save the universe and the story is told well enough.

Ultimately each level is the same, spin Captain Galactic around, pick up the coins, rescue the humans, kill the enemies and return to your spaceship and with bosses to defeat at the end of each set of levels this is everything a classic platformer needs to be.

Captain Galactic iPhone Game_1

Captain Galactic iPhone Game_1

Across 30 levels there’s enough to keep you going for quite a while although having said that there will be little replay value here although the numerous achievements adds a little more spice to events.

Captain Galactic is a single player game which will keep any platform game fan amused and entertained for 99c worth of time.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $.99

The Good

  • Classic platformer with a twist
  • 30 action-packed levels

The Not So Good

  • Unusual controls
  • Cheesy cut scenes

Reviewed By: Craig Willis


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