Best Buy Lists and Then Removes 3 New Apple iPad SKUs

Apple 3 New iPad SKUs

A number of Apple blogs recently  reported that US chain Best Buy’s web store listed three new Apple iPad SKUS for a short while with all 3 being currently unreleased hardware.

The erroneous entries were all lists as “APPLE COMPUTER INC. – APPLE IPAD SKU WIFI” with two priced $599 and the other weighing in at $699. No other details were given other than shipping dates of ‘coming soon’.

It’s obviously unclear as to whether these new SKUs represent unreleased Apple iPads or if the company’s notoriously poor stock system was playing tricks on us all. Bearing that in mind, it wouldn’t be the first time Best Buy has listed an item that has later been released by the Cupertino outfit. Back in 2009 the updated MacBooks were found on Best Buy’s website days before they were officially announced.

{via MacRumors}


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