HomeShop18 Offers Apple’s iPad 2 in India

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Apple’s iPad 2 is one of the best tablet computers available in the market right now. The all new design, faster processor and cameras for FaceTime combined with iOS has made it difficult for competitors to match iPad sale figures.

iPad 2 is still not available in India and Apple has not made any announcement regarding the official release date. However, that can’t stop you from getting your hands on the hugely popular tablet.

India’s popular online & on-air retail marketing and distribution portal HomeShop18 is currently offering Apple’s iPad 2 on its website.

The website is offering WiFi only models in black colour and WiFi + 3G in white colour. iPad with WiFi is priced at Rs. 34,900 (16 GB), Rs. 41,499 (32 GB), Rs. 47,999 (64 GB) while WiFi+3G models can be purchased for Rs. 43,499 (16 GB), Rs. 49,999 (32 GB), Rs. 56,499 (64 GB).

The prices are certainly much higher when compared with the first gen tablet which is officially available in India. And if we look at the international pricing structure of Apple’s tablet one can easily see that HomeShop18 is charging a huge premium by offering the device before the official release of iPad 2 in India.

What’s even more interesting is that HomeShop18’s ‘About’ page says they have “partnered with the best brand owners in India like Apple, Motorola, Philips, Reebok, Dell, Whirlpool, Nokia, Glen, VLCC, Fabindia and many more” and Apple is hyperlinked to a product search page which shows iPad 2 listed on their website.

Now, we are not convinced about the fact that Apple would partner with an online shopping site in India and supply them the tablet and charge customers a premium ranging between $233 – $328 without announcing a release date first.

If you are fine with spending more to get the iPad 2 right now then you can visit HomeShop18’s website to purchase Apple’s tablet.


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