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Burn The Rope Worlds review-1Burn The Rope Worlds Review: Brought to you by BigBlueBubble Burn The Rope Worlds is a unique puzzle game. It is a sequel to the classic game Burn The Rope but this time with more puzzles, worlds and a great new endless mode.

Control the fire and burn your way through the ropes without letting the flames burn out. Sounds easy right? Not quite. The classic mode offers 100 new levels spread over four different worlds, Fantasy, Jungle, Mechanical and space. When you start a level you are shown a rope, the idea is you have to burn the whole of the rope or failing that as much as you can.

To start burning the rope, tap where ever you choose and the fire will start. Then you have to keep the flame burning, you do this by making sure the flame is always going upward. All this is controlled by moving your device rotating it in what ever direction it is needed. Within each level there are scores of bronze, silver and gold. Depending on how much rope you burn will depend on what score you get. There is also a good chance you won’t get enough rope burnt at all and then you have to restart that level.

Burn The Rope Worlds review-2As you progress, the ropes will become more of a challenge. You start with very simple designs then they progress to shapes of objects, for example like a palm tree. This kind of shape then has parts of the ropes drifting off in opposite directions. So you then have to decide which flame to keep following and burning. At some points when it is burning there will be some flames that you can not keep control of. Instead you will be following one of the other flames that is burning better and has more of a chance of burning more rope.

To add even more fun and to make it more of a challenge there are ants that are crawling along the ropes. Depending on what colour the ants are when you burn them your flame then turns into that colour. Catch as many bugs as you can, these little creatures also go towards your score. On some of the puzzles you will notice different coloured ropes. The coloured ropes can only be burnt by a flame of the same colour.

Burn The Rope Worlds review-3Along the way there are a few helpful bugs. The first one is a firebug. These are great little helpers, when you collect them they explode and burn rope within a set radius. There are also electric bugs to help you. If you collect one of these then its matching partner will then start another flame wherever it is. Next up is a spider who will create a silk bridge when it is burnt. The last one is a water bug. This particular bug is not that helpful. When you collect it this bug will put out a flame.

A new feature in this version of the game is Endless Burn. In this part of the game you have to collect as many bugs as possible and make your flame trail grow. It is a bit like the old classic snake game where you travel along collecting squares and making your snake bigger. You control the flame by again tilting your device. You keep going until you hit yourself or the wall. The aim of the game is to see how big you can get your flame trail. There are three levels of difficulty to choose from.

The graphics and animation are fun and the colours are great. The sound effects are suitably matched, the little bugs make some cute noises. Burn The Rope is integrated with OpenFeint and GameCenter to compete with your friends and see who can get the most achievements. Every day there is also a puzzle of the day to play. So no matter how many levels you have got through so far there is also an extra one each day. The game offers lots of replay value and is great for all ages.
Burn the Rope Worlds - Big Blue Bubble

  • Lots of replay value
  • Puzzle of the day
  • GameCenter
  • Unique gameplay


  • None


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