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Bull Mouse Review: Simple Fun For All Ages

Bull Mouse is a very simple game that provides hours upon hours of fun. You are a bull that has to knock people out of the ring, completing over 50 missions along the way. Tons of power ups and extras keep this game interesting throughout its entirety.

The simplicity makes this game fun for all ages and easy to pick up and play whether at home or on the go. You utilize a bull to knock people out of the bull ring by pulling the bull’s tail and springing him at people running through the ring.

The people come in all shapes and sizes and move at different speeds and different directions. You can earn perks along the way that makes this easier. The perks are by far my favorite part of the game as they are fun to use and very effective. Make sure, if you see what you nab it up quick though as it will disappear after a short time period.

The game is broken up by the different challenges that you are tasked with. Tasks such as “knocking 50 blonde guys” out of the ring or “rock the fences 10 times” keep the game interesting and make it easy to spend hours staring at your screen trying to accomplish the next challenge.

Another fun aspect of the Bull Mouse is the extras. As you play the game you can gather tokens that allow you to boost your bull’s abilities such as speed and size. This in turn makes your bull an even better wrecking ball for knocking people out of the ring. You can also use these tokens to get costumes for your bull. The costumes don’t add anything but a sweet new look to your bull.

Overall I would highly recommend this game if you looking for something easy to pick up and play on the go. I found myself hooked quickly and styling my bull mildly amusing. At 99 cents its definitely worth checking out, especially since it is available for both your iPhone and iPad. Being Game Center enabled is also a plus.

What we like:

What to know:

  • Simplicity can go both ways for some



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