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BubCap Review iPhone iPad Home Button Protector-4

Rating: ★★★★★

BubCap Review: Being an App Reviewer I get to see many, many apps, some aimed at my demographic, some at my children’s, including my 2 year old daughter. The issue with this is that however much she enjoys the game or app that she is using her tiny fingers often find their way to the Home Button, closing the app and starting tears of frustration as she’s unable to launch the app she wants.

With this in mind I went looking for a solution, I would normally head off to the Jailbreak community to find a software solution but as the proud owner of an iPhone 4S which currently has no jailbreak that was never going to be an option. Option 2 would be an App from the App Store which would let me control how my Home Button works, however given that this is against the iOS T&C’s that was a no starter also.

BubCap Review iPhone iPad Home Button Protector-4

A quick Google search however and I stumbled across BubCap’s ‘home button cover’. As I read the details I was a little skeptical about whether this would work but as I read on, saw that there were a range of options dependent on whether you want to use this with an iPhone, iPod touch or an iPad and the age/strength of the child and the excellent price point I decided to hand over my PayPal details and give it a go.

To view a full range of their products I chose the Explorer 6-Pack which included 2 Regular, 2 Ultra and 2 Max BubCaps and it was only a matter of days before they turned up on my doorstep.

BubCap Review iPhone iPad Home Button Protector-1

They come in a well designed match book style case with a lot of detail inside and out in regards to not only on which BubCaps to use but also on how to apply and remove them when required. The BubCaps use 3M adhesive to stick to the glass of your device and while the provide excellent adhesion the are removable and re-useable. Because it only adheres to the glass on the iOS it won’t work with some cases or screen protectors.

I chose the Ultra to begin with and it was attached within seconds and after the prescribed 15 minute wait I began to use my iPhone again. The BubCap certainly provides a solid cover for the Home Button and it takes a solid push from my fingers to engage it. However, the real test was as I handed it to my 2 year old.

BubCap Review iPhone iPad Home Button Protector-3

My first concern was that seeing this new addition to my iPhone she would attempt to remove it, however this was not the case as she was more interested in her favorite app of the moment, The Moogies. Within 30 seconds her finger drifted towards the Home Button, however try as she might she was unable to engage it and instead of a frustrating couple of moments she instead returned to The Moogies.

There is no doubt that the BubCap will prevent your younger children from clicking the Home Button, but it will also make it more difficult for you to press it too, however it is a small price to pay for the benefit that it provides.

What we like:

  • The ultimate Home Button protection
  • Multiple options for all devices
  • Easy to apply

What to know:

  • Won’t work with all cases/ screen protectors


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