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The success of any interactive adventure game largely depends on it’s strong story line, great narrative and appealing graphics and Revolution Software Limited have tried to bring everything together  in Broken Sword: The Director’s Cut for iPhone.

The game opens in Paris, where photo-journalist Nico Collard has just picked up an assignment. She is en route to the Palais Royale to interview media magnate Pierre Carchon. This scoop is the break that she has been waiting for – the chance to make her a household name. Carchon has been giving a talk to a select group of luminaries in his famed salon overlooking the central garden: but Nico has a special invite – for a private audience. Little does she know that the mime, who startles her as she approaches, is a merciless killer in waiting or that she and Carchon already share a sinister and powerful connection or that Carchon’s glamorous wife Imelda will change Nico’s life for ever. As the story unfolds, it is clear that everyone has a dark secret and Nico will be devastated to discover her own. Aided by the amiable American tourist George Stobbart, Nico embarks upon a quest to find the killer and uncover the ancient conspiracy he is protecting. Never in their most fevered imaginings could the two predict the dark events to follow. And only with your help will they succeed in unravelling the mysteries of the Broken Sword.

The game features beautiful hand drawn graphics and excellent voice cast which makes this point-and-click adventure game very special.

If you enjoy graphic adventure games then Broken Sword: The Director’s Cut for iPhone is certainly worth checking out. The game is available for $6.99 in the app store.

You can leave a short review in the comments section if you have already bought the game.

Broken Sword: The Director’s Cut for iPhone and iPod touch


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