British Airways to Add Support for Apple’s Passbook

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British Airways Adds Passbook support to iOS 6

Apple’s Passbook is continuing to grow and is now getting more adoption, most notably airlines that are allowing its customers to download their boarding passes onto their iPhones and simply scan and board. PassBook is Apple’s all-in one storage app, allowing users to store boarding passes, gift cards, tickets, and even prescriptions, putting them all in one place for easy access.

Apple has some airlines on Passbook now, including American Airlines and Lufthansa, and most recently Air Canada which added support by updating its app for electronic boarding passes. Now, it seems that British Airways is also onboard to add support for electronic boarding passes on Passbook.

Appleinsider reports that one their readers emailed British Airways customer service about support for Passbook, and recieved an email response, confiriming that the team was already looking at the new feature.

I’m pleased to confirm that the team are already looking into our website being able to work with the new Apple app, available with the iOS6 upgrade. Please be assured that we will get our Passbook-compatible functionality live on as soon as we can.

British Airways already offered digital boarding passes through their iOS app in the past, but did not support Passbook. The integration into Passbook should be fairly easy considering the boarding passes are already digital. According to the report, British Airways has over 249 aircraft and serves 169 total destinations, meaning they have thousands of customers who can utilize the new feature. Passbook support continues to grow with British Airways adding support, and even Apple adding support to its own Apple Store application on the App Store.


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