Box Cat Review: An Iconic Retro Game that is both Cute and Quirky

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Box Cat Review iPhone iPad-1

Rating: ★★★★☆

Box Cat Review: It could well be something to do with my age but there is something about a retro game that allows me to look past the poor 16bit style graphics and the plinkity sound track and instead look upon it a iconic style instead!

And that’s no different with Box Cat, a quirky little game in which your task is to smash your cat into as many cars as possible before coming face to face with the boss truck that you also have to smash into.

The retro style graphics are reminiscent of the early Frogger games even down to having a small animal crossing a road, all be it this time you are trying to hit the vehicles rather than avoid them.

Box Cat Review iPhone iPad-2

After a brief tutorial you are given the chance to test out both control methods, either virtual buttons or tilt controls will control your cats movement back and forth along the bottom of the screen while a virtual action button will allow you to power up your kitty to complete powerful dash moves needed to defeat the end of level boss.

The action is fast paced and the game also includes a variety of objectives that if completed will unlock additional cats to play the game with such as hat cat and squirrel cat, and just like most games these days if you don’t want to earn your un-lockable cats you can just purchase them in app instead.

Box Cat Review iPhone iPad-3

There are 3 game modes altogether Adventure, Survival and Rush Hour modes which add a little variety to the game while in Adventure mode your aim is to move through multiple streets of traffic, Survival mode limits you to allowing just 3 cars through without crashing into them and Rush Hour mode where you have 60 seconds to crash into as many cars as possible and rack up the highest score.

Box Cat Review iPhone iPad-4

Box Cat is a lot of fun to play, even though after a while I did have to turn the music down! It’s cute and quirky and although the Game Center integration is limited there’s still a lot to keep you coming back again and again.
Box Cat - Rusty Moyher
What we like:

  • Iconic retro style
  • Crazy premise that works!
  • Control options
  • 3 game modes

What to know:

  • Limited Game Center integration
  • Graphics won’t be appreciated by everyone


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