‘Booooly! HD’ Explosive Puzzle Game for Your iPad

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Rating: ★★★★☆

Booooly HDBooooly! is an awesome match 3 puzzle game that sets itself ahead of the rest with stunning graphics for your iPad and highly addictive gameplay. It will take you a little bit to gather the strategy it takes to become a pro but after that you will find yourself knocking out Booooly streaks like it’s nobody’s business. Like most games, Booooly for iPad uses obstacles and boosts to change the experience and make the game even more addictive. Online multiplayer and story mode make sure that this game will continue to stay fresh and possess a high replay value.

The concept of Booooly is like many puzzle games on iOS devices, match 3 of something together to try and rid the screen of all the balls. The small change that Booooly presents is that they challenge you to match four for more points and as you find out through the course of the game, it’s the only way to survive. You will be challenged to match four balls of the same color together as new balls are constantly being added to the top of the stack. As you match three or more balls of the same color together you will click on them and when you do they will explode. It’s a pretty simple concept but it becomes more and more difficult to allow the balls to fall so that you can get more connected without allowing too Booooly HD iPadmany to fall and overcome the screen. There is a line at the top that you must keep the balls below that is similar to what you would see in Tetris. The game also uses a physics engine so that when you explode a group of balls the other balls take a realistic route downward. This can create pockets which can be a real nightmare in the latter parts of a round.

You will be faced with levels that you must attain a certain score to pass. There are also small missions that will be displayed in the mission box to help gain more points. I found these to be challenging and add a nice little twist so that I wasn’t staring at the score meter the entire game. You also have your Booooly count which tells you how many Boooolys or groups of four balls you have exploded in a row. I used this to challenge myself to try and get more and more and at times was my downfall because I let too many Boooolys fall. You are blessed with 3 lives that come in very handy as the Boooolys have a tendency to sneak their way towards the top on you.

Booooly HD iPad Puzzle gameThis game also possesses something that I find lacking in many games which is a true multiplayer mode as well as a social gaming network tie in. These two things are brilliantly executed in Booooly and have had me coming back to play this game constantly. I got my butt kicked in the first few online multiplayer games but later got in my groove and made it even more enjoyable. I always say you know a game is good when you get your butt kicked and you still enjoy yourself. OpenFeint is another feature that I absolutely love that allows for social networking side to the game so that you can compare scores with friends and talk trash to one another. You have the online leaderboards as well that allow you to see how well or not well you stack up against the rest of the players. These features really put the finishing touches on a stellar gameplay that you encounter in Booooly!

Booooly HD iPad gameThe graphics and sounds of this game are awesome. From the subtle little noises that the Boooolys make when you tap on one that isn’t in a group of four to the music that is played, this game keeps the sounds solid throughout. The visuals are simply stunning and never seem to lag or have any speed issues. There is always something going on but the game plays incredibly smooth and looks awesome the entire time.

I would highly recommend this game to anyone.


  • Gameplay is soooo addictive
  • Stunning Visuals for the iPad
  • Awesome Multiplayer and Social Gaming Network Integration


  • Background changes would have been cool from level to level

$3.99 (View in iTunes)
Category: Entertainment
Released: Mar 15, 2011
Version: 1.8.6
1.8.6 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Size: 31.2 MB
Languages: English, Korean
Seller: NextApps Inc.
© NextApps Inc.
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later


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