Blosics: A Different and Fun Take on a Slingshot Game

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Rating: ★★★★½

Blosics Review: A new game in the Angry Birds style that has you flinging balls at the blocks to knock them out of the picture. The slingshot action is a familiar game interface, but Blosics does it up just a little differently.

You have a bubble that you can place your ball within, choosing the location that you think will have the most impact. As you pull back on your ball, arrows appear that help you aim. Those arrows can prove to be very useful, especially when you miss by just a little bit. The arrows and flight path fade away slowly, so you can make adjustments if you’re quick.

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The targets are small blocks, with emoticon faces, that are stacked in a variety of patterns and in a variety of places. The challenge is to knock them all off the screen in the fewest flings. The blocks come in different sizes and eventually transform to make the challenge more difficult. In return, you can acquire different balls with different properties to deploy against the more demanding arrangements.

The game has a cheerful feel with bright graphics, spacey music, and snarky sound effects. The blocks maintain a running commentary of amusing utterances. The leveling screens feel like a party. It’s just fun around every corner.

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Blosics is a great game that provides a neat twist on the slingshot theme. If you’ve beaten, grown tired of, or just really like Angry Birds, Blosics is the game to provide a new means to have destructive fun.
Blosics - FDG Entertainment
What to know:

  • Different approach to the “slingshot” provides more strategy options
  • Aiming aids really help with accuracy
  • Great sound environment for the game

What to know:

  • No back story at all


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