RIM Maintains BlackBerry PlayBook Battery Life Claims

blackberryplaybook battery life

blackberryplaybook battery life

As soon as I saw the hardware specification of Research in Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, the first question off my lips was ‘what’s the battery life going to be like?’. With its dual-core 1GHz CPU and 1GB of RAM, it’s safe to say RIM’s iPad competitor will take some powering. Thankfully, according to senior product lead Ryan Bidan at least, we need not worry about battery life.

Speaking during a business presentation in Boston, Bidan told attendees that battery life should not be a concern for perspective purchasers while stating their goal was still to get 8 bourse, or a ‘full day’ of use out of a single charge. That compares well with Apple’s iPad and its 10 hour life when you remember the powerful hardware inside the PlayBook. Those dual-core CPUs don’t run on rainbows and unicorn tears!

In order to get the desired 8 hours out of a PlayBook, RIM is including a generous 5,300maH battery which will be incased in a sealed body which is unusual for the Canadian smartphone manufacturer. RIM usually favours a replaceable battery in its hardware but clearly sees a need to squeeze as big a battery into the shell as possible and will take the Apple approach of using a sealed unit.

One thing that the iPad has shown is that the tablet form factor thrives when it can be left untouched for days at a time and used as an appliance, without users needing to manage battery life like they do their smartphones.

Hopefully RIM’s PlayBook will be blessed with iPad-like battery-life while upping the processing ante.

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