Blackberry Coming Under Pressure from Apple and Google for Market Share

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It seems that the fairytale success of the Blackberry is coming under increasing pressure from both Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) , as demand for iPhone 4 and Android handsets, and their increasing market share steadily encroaches on RIM’s market dominance.

A recent survey from ChangeWave Research completed at the end of June, prior to the iPhone 4 launch, shows that RIM is holding onto its market lead by its fingernails.

In terms of current share, Apple (34%) is up 1-pt since our March survey to an all-time high while RIM (34%) has taken another hit – dropping 4-pts in the past 90 days.

When questioned, 52% of the people surveyed by ChangeWave confirmed that if they were going to buy a new mobile phone in the next 90 days it would be an Apple iPhone.

Largely forgotten now, Palm holds onto barely 1% of the mobile marketplace, which makes it sadly irrelevant.

It bears repeating that this survey was completed prior to the iPhone 4 going on sale, but at that point Apple led in customer satisfaction over other manufacturers. 73% of Apple customers stated that they were happy with their device. It will be interesting to revisit this particular figure in a couple of months when the current iPhone 4 issues have been clarified.

What chance does Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 have in this marketplace we have to wonder.

Do you think Apple and Google will crush RIM, as they appear to have done to Palm? And do you think that Microsofts latest mobile phone, after their Kin disaster, will fair any better? Let us know your thoughts in the comments…


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  • Evi

    I think Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 will offset the failure on Kin phone and win back some market share after learn a lessen from Kin.

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