Birzzle HD Review: A Great New Addition to the Match 3 Genre with 2 Great Game Modes

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Rating: ★★★★½

Birzzle HD iPad Game-1Birzzle HD Review: One of the most prolific game types in the App Store is the match three genre of game and Birzzle HD {$1.99} is the latest to join the list. It’s the same old story of color blocks falling from the top of the screen and your challenge is to clear them off of the screen by matching them up in groups of three or more before the screen is filled to the top with room for no more Birzzles to fall.

With Birzzle HD the blocks take the form of square birds across a variety of colors and it’s the matching of those colors that will cause the blocks to explode and clear the screen. One nice touch though especially for those of us that suffer from colorblindness is that each differently colored bird also has a distinct facial expression meaning that it’s easy to group them even if the difference between the colors is not clear.

Birzzle HD iPad Game-2The action is squawfishly fast with the blocks tumbling down the screen at a ferocious pace right from the start. This is countered though by the easy of moving the Birzzles around the screen with a simple drag and drop. Birrzles can even be moved from under other birds as long as they aren’t blocked in fully meaning that you can grab the appropriate color with minimal difficulty.

The aim of the game is to continue for as long as can and clear as many levels as possible. The more birds that you clear in one go above the minimum 3 birds will destroy more of the surrounding birds so it’s always worth trying to get the biggest number of birds killed at a single time as possible.

Birzzle HD iPad Game-3The initial challenge you face is to make it to level 20 as this will unlock Ice Breaker mode which for me is a lot more fun and a just reward for the skill and dedication it takes to make it to level 20.. Onwards from level 20 it’s all about high scores and achievements of which there are over 50 to claim!

Ice Breaker mode mixes things up and this time you have to choose where you want each Birzzle to drop, again though as long as you match the colors up you’ll clear not only the Birzzles but also the ice both above and below he waterline.

With Birzzle HD you are getting two games for the price of one and not only do both games modes play well but they look great too with bright bold colors bursting off of the screen in an explosion of color that will help make this game appeal to both young and old alike.

If you like match 3 type games this is another one to add to your collection as you won’t be disappointed. The only thing missing is a multiplayer option that would really be a lot of fun.
Birzzle HD - Enfeel Inc.

  • Bright, bold graphics
  • Fast paced action
  • 2 fun game modes
  • 50+ achievements


  • No multiplayer mode



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