Billy the Painter HD Review – Beautiful and Challenging Game

 In $1.99, 3 Stars, Puzzle

Billy the Painter HD iPadComing up with original ideas must be a problem for an App Store that is flooded with original content. That being said Lipasto Games have done just that in the form of Billy the Painter HD for iPad.

The painting in question in this app is the floor of an old factory and the top down view provides you with a view of the different levels and how much of the floor still needs to be painted by you.

Painting the floor couldn’t be easier, simply tap the screen and paint will begin to radiate from the touch point until it touches any area that has been already painted.

This is where the challenge comes in as each puzzle has a different shaped floor that needs to be painted and so as the paint radiates out it can quickly stop if not placed appropriately and this can cause you to lose a life if you don’t reach the required percentage.

The trick to progress through the levels is to use multiple touch points as sources of the radiating paint and in combination with that the timing of these touch points.

While paint % is the overall dictator of your success you can improve your points score by painting of spots of old paint that are randomly placed on each level.

Billy the Painter HDThe whole style of the game is beautifully presented throughout and while the only graphical variety in the levels is the blue paint that is used in the bonus round that comes every 10 games this is not a distraction from a great looking game.

Sound effects are minimal but the music is appropriate to the game and is not annoying either and I didn’t find myself having to mute it at any time which is always nice.

The gameplay doesn’t allow you to pick specific levels that you want to play, instead you start each game at the beginning and progress through the levels until your 3 lives are lost. At this point your score is added to the local leaderboard. Why both options of game-play aren’t available I’m not sure.

As mentioned previously the game’s leaderboards are only local and there are no achievements to unlock via GameCenter integration either.

Billy the Painter HD is a beautiful, playable, challenging but ultimately limited due to it’s limited options. Perhaps some of these will be addressed in a future update.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

What we like

  • Looks great
  • Simple and effective gameplay

What to know

  • Limited playing options
  • No multiplayer options
  • No GameCenter integration


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