BillMinder (Push) Version 2.1 Now Available

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Bill Minder (Push)

Keep an electronic eye on your bills with this handy app

Picking up on this application up again from my review in March, it’s great to see plenty of improvement, particularly the interface which as a whole looks far more sophisticated, complete with 6 different colour variations to help add a touch of personalization although I find gray most fitting to my iPhone.

The most apparent change over the previous version is a month to view option which lets you quickly add bills with the due date that you have tapped, it also lets you see how heavy your month has been on your finances with green squares showing paid and red unpaid bills. The ever present All/Paid/Unpaid filters helping with this letting you flick between these states and changing the also ever present month. This has also seen improvement as you can now tap this to bring up a list of Accounts handled by the app (previously known as collectors, a very sensible name change I must say) so you can easily filter down from all bills down to individual accounts.

The accounts tab has been improved with additional categories that cascade on a tap to reveal accounts inside them letting you handle larger amounts of accounts without feeling bogged down in information overload.

New in settings is push notification, which requires a small annual fee and option of what time to receive that notification although I would like to think this time is relative to your device rather than the push server where ever it may be. Also new here is on tap to pay which lets you mark a bill as paid by tapping the most left icon in the list view changing it from a simplified calendar icon into a green tick mark and an option to turn on PocketMoney Integration. Sadly I can’t comment on how this works as I don’t own the other application but will update if it ever comes up for review in the future.

Perhaps the biggest improvement to this application is getting data in and out of the application, with two new tabs, one for backup/restore and the other for exporting. Backing up your database now couldn’t be simpler with a simple flick of a switch enables a mini webserver in the app, which lets you use your computer and web browser to back up or restore your database as long as it’s on the same wireless network as your iPod Touch. You could also email the backup directly from the app to an email address of your choosing should you get caught away from your computer. The export function lets you specify a start and end month then lets you email it as a .csv file however there’s no option for to specify which account you want it to export from, dashing your idea of sending your business expenses directly to your boss for example.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $1.99 (free lite version available)

as of ver 2.1 27/09/09

The Good

  • Easy backup/restore via built in website
  • In App Email
  • Good looking interface

The Not so Good

  • No filter by account on export

Reviewed by: TylerDurdan

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