Bill Assistant Review: A Succinct Way to Plan your Bill Paying

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Bill Assistant Review for iPhone-1Bill Assistant Review: Life is too busy for most people so anything that will help organise my life and save me time has got to be a good thing right? Even more important is the need to pay bills on time and avoid any subsequent charges that may come with missing them.

This is where Bill Assistant ($0.99) comes in which claims to keep track of your bills for you so that you can avoid those nasty late fees.

The first step of the process that won’t save you time is the fact that you have to add all your bills into the application. There’s no way to import a list or even link to a bank account so if you have a lot of accounts, which you probably do, hence the need for an app like this, then you will need to set aside a little time to enter them all.

Bill Assistant Review for iPhone-2The amount of data you add though is optional, certainly you will want the name, amount and date but you can also add Account Number, Telephone Number, Website and how the bill re-occurs. The re-occurring feature is definitely something that you will want to use to avoid having to enter the details every month.

Once you have spent the time entering your details then the real benefits come to fruition.

On loading the application you’ll enter the Due Soon page which will show you your upcoming bills. The time-scale of this screen can be edited to either based on days, weeks or months. From this screen you can also directly access the payment and register that it’s been paid.

Bill Assistant Review for iPhone-3If it’s an automatic payment however there is no need to update it as it will be automatically updated to a status of paid once the date is past.

Of course the major limitation with this app is that you will still have to go and pay the bill via whatever method you use so it’s not going to completely replace that process.

The major benefit to this application though are the reminders that will notify you of upcoming payments via notification. No need to open the app to view the Due Soon page if you don’t want to as with the reminders page setup correctly you can set reminders for X number of days in advance and choose which accounts to be sent a reminder on.

Bill Assistant Review for iPhone-4Another nice feature is that if you have spent the time to enter the correct contact information in the application you can either call directly from the app or click through to the website.

History of all the payments can also be viewed from the payment history screen and this data can be exported to the Bill Assistant companion app named Spending Log for another 99 cents.

Bill Assistant does exactly what it says on the tin and other than the inability to export to anything other than their companion app and the inability to import your bills to save you time this app can certainly help you keep track of things.


Spending Log - Corbenic Consulting

  • Reminders outside of the app
  • Call from within the app
  • Automatic updates for automatic bill payments


  • No import feature
  • Export limited to companion app



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