Beershooter XL For iPhone: Well Presented and Nicely Polished

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Beershooter XL Rating: ★★★☆☆

Beershoter XL by HandyGames is a game where the aim is to satisfy the the drinkers at a beer festival by quenching their thirst by shooting beer directly into their mouths! The game is set in what looks like a couple of tables located in a beer garden high up in the German Alps. Both tables are full of customers dressed in traditional Barvarian dress, including plenty of lederhosen for the men and cleavage revealing dresses for the ladies.

Regardless of what your customers are wearing they are very demanding and as soon as you start they will start demanding beer which you fire by the means of your BeerShooter! Deploying your liquid refreshments is easily done via a simple touch of the screen, however, while deployment is easy aim is not and should you miss the mouth of your intended target your score will go down rather than up as it does when your aim is on target.

Beershooter XL iPhone Game Review

You patrons will demand their beverages by simply opening their mouths. Some will make it easier for you to see as they will stand up to demand your attention while others will simple remain seated, opening their mouths when their thirst needs quenching.

In addition to the dozen or so human patrons your mountain side location also entertains a variety of animals who also have a taste for the amber nectar. These include cows, deer and even a bird who will gladly ask for beer and you have to be quick enough to find his open beak as he flies by. You will be rewarded for your accurate aim too as quenching the thirst of animal friends gain you more points than there human counterparts.

The game atmosphere is well maintained with original Bavarian music and the Barvarian chatter in the background from the customers adds to it too, although what they are actually saying will be a surprise to most people unless of course you speak Barvarian!

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You have 3 minutes to fulfill as many requests as you can and once your time is up you can submit your high-score to the online leader board to see how you shape up with other players from around the world.

The game is presented well and is nicely polished. At 99c it could be a fun distraction for a little while although it probably needs a few new features and levels to keep it on your iPhone/iPod touch for any significant amount of time.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price $.99

The Good

  • Nice Bavarian atmosphere
  • Single finger controls
  • Online leader board

The Bad

  • No variety
  • No achievements

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

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