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Battle Trivia – Sports Quiz Matchup Rating: ★★★☆☆

Battle Trivia – Sports Quiz Matchup couldn’t be simpler, over 1,000 sports based questions for you to use as a yard stick to see who has a better knowledge of sports trivia between you and your friends. The game is played on a single iPhone/iPod touch so you can even challenge your none iPhone owning friends.

The categories included range from the staples of the American sports market of American Football, Basketball and Baseball (including both the college and professional game), to more international sports like Soccer, Golf and the Olympics. Given the dominance of the American sports in the game though, Battle Trivia is certainly going to lean it towards the US market rather than the international market.

Setting up a game is simple enough allowing you to set up a challenge as quickly enough to challenge anyone at anytime. If you are playing the game for the first time or against someone who hasn’t played before all you’ll need to do is enter you name(s) and you’ll be ready to play. Up to 8 profiles can be kept at any one time and keeping these profiles for everyone who is playing allows you compare your statistics against any of the other players from most overall wins and losses to your performance in each individual category. If nothing else it will provide a great guide to the sports in which you need study more.

Who goes first is decided based on a tie-breaker style questions where each player has to guess the answer to a number based question, for example ‘In his career of 142 games at UNC, how many free throws did Tyler Hansbrough make?’. Whoever gets closet to the correct answer gets to go first.

On each turn you get to choose from a random selection of 3 categories. Choosing which category is based on which you think is your strongest subject but also based on whether or not you are close to securing the subject. To secure, lock and earn yourself a point is done by moving your marker from the center line to the opposition ‘end zone’. You’ll need to answer two questions to move your marker completely to your side and earn yourself a point, however your opponent can move the marker back the other way given the chance so no point is ever guaranteed.

All questions have 4 option multiple choice answers to choose from and by default you have 24 seconds to select your answer although this can be changed in the options. The other options you have control over is which category of questions are included so if you don’t know anything about the NHL for example you can exclude all the questions. The questions are many and varied and through all of my play no question was ever repeated.

The graphics in a quiz based game don’t need to be spectacular and they certainly aren’t here but that doesn’t distract from the game where the important thing is being able to brag to your friends about knowing more than them. The other ‘bug’ is the fact that the only way to re-start a game is to close the whole application and restart it.

If you are a sports trivia fanatic then this game will serve you well, if your not then this probably isn’t going to convert you and possibly make you feel inferior as you fail over and over again to answer any of the questions offered to you.

Price: $1.99 (iTunes Link) as of 25/12/2009 (Free Version)
Version reviewed 1.0

The Good

  • Great range of categories
  • Up to date and large quantity of questions
  • Easy to setup and play
  • Ability to customize

The Not So Good

  • Doesn’t look great
  • No variety in the type of questions
  • No ability to re-start

Reviewed by: @CraigWillis

Expedited Review: Request received on 22/12 , reviewed on 25/12


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