Is This The Back Cover of Apple’s iPhone 5 / 4S? [Photo]

iPhone 5 4S Back Cover Photo

iPhone 5 4S Back Cover Photo

Apple’s iPhone 5 / 4S is rumored to be unveiled in September and we’ve already reported on different mockups of the upcoming device. According to various reports the next gen iPhone will not have an all-new design however, it could feature a curved-glass design. We could also expect Apple to include dual-core A5 chip and a high resolution camera.

Apple.Pro recently published an image of what they claim to be the “back cover of the iPhone 5”. The cover clearly shows two distinct holes, one for the camera, and the other for the repositioned LED flash.

The image is certainly in line with recent reports which suggest that Apple is looking at repositioning the flash in-order to improve the image quality.

Prototype leaks are very common as the product reaches final stages of production however, it’s always difficult to confirm the origin and authenticity of such leaks.

Do you think this image is the real thing? Let us know what your thoughts in the comments section below.

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