mSpot : Cloud Music for iOS. But for how long?

mSpot has been around for a while now on Android. And today they launched their iOS app in Apple’s App Store. What mSpot does is allow you to upload your music to your own mini cloud server, and then you can access it from anywhere you have an internet connection, via your mSpot app on whichever major mobile platform you prefer. … Read More

CNN Releases New iPad App and It’s Free

CNN has thrown its hat into the iPad publishing ring with its own digital magazine app for Apple’s Tablet and it is free. If you are a CNN viewer then this may be the app for you. Although a couple of initial reviews have noted problems getting the app to connect to CNN’s servers. Not an auspicious start, although I … Read More

Imagination, Apple’s (AAPL) Mobile GPU Partner, Buys Ray Tracing Company

Imagination Technologies is a small British based company that makes the PowerVR silicon for Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch. Their GPUs also show up in many other flavours of hardware. Between ARM and Imagination a good chunk of the mobile Systems on a Chip (SOCs) in todays devices are sourced. Apple (AAPL) holds a small share in the … Read More

7-inch Apple iPad Mini Rumors Surface Again

Reuters are reporting that Apple is getting ready to manufacture a 7 inch iPad for launch early next year. Yes, we’ve heard this all before. And yes, Steve Jobs has publicly denied the idea. But then, as I have pointed out before, Apple have also denied the idea of mice with more than one button, iPods that play videos, Mac … Read More

iPad 2 Case Images Hit the Internet [Rumor]

It’s that time again folks! A handful of weeks to go until the first rumored launch date of Apple’s next “big thing”. The second generation iPad and the first “spy shots” of components have hit the internet. A manufacturer in Shenzen China is offering these iPad 2 backs (pictured above) as spares already. But whether these are components for the … Read More

Jobs : MobileMe will “get a lot better in 2011”

Steve Jobs has been answering customer emails again this week, allegedly. This time it is on the subject of MobileMe. People either love or hate MobileMe, just about the same way that people either love or hate Marmite or Julian Assange. Those that hate MobileMe quote its inflated price for features which can be obtained for free elsewhere on the … Read More

Apple’s 2nd Gen iPad Update to Feature LCD Screen

Digitimes have been digging around Apple’s supply chains again, and today the not so surprising news is on the iPad 2’s screen. Apple have ordered Back Light Units (BLUs) for the production of the next version of their tablet, and AMOLED screens don’t use them. The comparative display quality of Apple’s Retina display, and even their slightly lower spec iPad … Read More

Apple’s (AAPL) co-founder Steve Jobs CEO of the Decade for the Second time

CEO of The Decade Steve Jobs

Last year Fortune declared co-founder of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Steve Jobs the CEO of the Decade. And this year MarketWatch have awarded him that same accolade. Here’s a brief overview of Steve’s career, in very broad terms, from Fortune last year : How’s this for a gripping corporate story line: Youthful founder gets booted from his company in the 1980s, returns … Read More

Google Demos Motorola’s Android Tablet Prototype [Honeycomb]

Andy Rubin, the man behind Google’s Android OS, demoed an early prototype of a tablet from Motorola which runs Android OS. The actual version of Android that the new tablet was running is called “Honeycomb” and is optimised for tablets. This particular tablet sports a “dual core 3D processor”, which is said to come from NVIDIA. Details other than that were … Read More

iPad 2 Shipping Early 2011?

DigiTimes, the fount of all manufacture rumours related to Apple it seems, have reported that Foxconn (Apple’s manufacturing partner) have been “notified” that shipping of Apple’s iPad 2 should commence “within 100 days” and should be in volumes of between 400,000 and 600,000 units initially. Apparently Apple planned to ship the iPad 2 even earlier than this. Something we have … Read More

Apple Promises Fabled White iPhone 4 in “Spring 2011”

Some good news for those still holding out for a White iPhone 4. Apple has put the white option back on their promotional material for Apple Stores, with a note in the small print at the bottom of each sign also referring to the White iPhone 4 and stating that it will be “available spring 2011”. It is unclear if … Read More

Is the Apple iPhone The Number One Smartphone in the US?

Some seemingly conflicting information out of two different surveys from this week perhaps give us a clue to the real answer to the title of this news piece. Nielsen have published a survey which shows that Apple’s iPhone has just managed to poke its nose ahead of RIM’s US OS market share. Apple has 27.9%, and RIM has 27.4%, whilst Android … Read More

Apple Comes a Solid Number One in Reliability Survey

Apple Comes a Solid Number One in Reliability Survey

A few times a year various entities carry out reliability surveys on key consumer electronics. One of the more respected ones is PC World’s annual service and reliability survey. Apple (AAPL) has a great record for customer service, and reliability, despite the impression that you may get from the main stream press. And this year is no exception. With a … Read More

Virgin “Project” Magazine Hits Apple iPad

Project By Virgin Digital Publishing for iPad

Richard Branson, one of the more loveable and gloriously eccentric British Billionaires has launched his own idea of what new media should be in the form of an iPad only magazine called “Project”. The front cover of the first issue is primarily dedicated to Jeff Bridges in reference to his upcoming role reprisal in the new Tron movie (Tron : … Read More