Just-Eat launches Belly & Brain game on the App Store

Just-Eat today announces Belly & Brain 1.0 for iOS devices. Belly & Brain features popular characters Belly and Brain from Just-Eat’s TV campaign and requires the player to control Brain’s food cannon whilst aiming and firing different snacks into Belly’s mouth to stop his stomach rumbling. ‘Belly & Brain’ is a sideways scrolling game of skill and accuracy set across 126 levels and is based upon three cuisine themes; Chinese, Indian and Italian.

CDE Humble Gaming Ltd releases iAsteroids 1.0 on iTunes for iPhone 4

Asian Applications Developer CDE Humble Gaming Limited today introduces iAsteroids 1.0, their new game for iPhone and iPod touch. The user plays the role of a space cadet who forms part of a response team that has been selected to save Earth from an unending barrage of Asteroids, Comets and Meteors. Players will have at their disposal a variety of weapons. iAsteroids is packed with explosive visuals, life-like space scenarios and the iPhone 4’s superior graphics and signature Gyroscope function.

Very Alien Productions releases Base Station for iPhone and iPod touch

Indiana-based Very Alien Productions today introduces Base Station 1.0, their new base conversion education and productivity app for iPhone and iPod touch. Designed to leverage the iPhone interface, Base Station is a very helpful tool for the professional or student. In addition to its powerful ability to convert both positive and negative integers and real numbers between the most common bases, the app is a great learning tool and offers specific features to enhance productivity.

Talking Roby the Robot released for iPhone and iPad

Outfit7 Ltd. today released Talking Roby the Robot 1.0, their second free “talking” app for iOS. Roby is a talking, hip-hop dancing robot, who is able to speak words and sentences that the user types on his/her keyboard. He can also repeat anything the user says into the device with a unique robo voice. Talking Roby the Robot is different from other talking apps because it features text to speech in addition to speech detection. It features funny animations of Roby’s reactions, and more.

iLook Apps reach half a million users with release of iPrincess

Colorado based Riptide Games today announces iPrincess 1.4 for iPhone and iPod touch devices. iPrincess lets users fill their photos with princesses by selecting from the myriad princess themed items available. Users can mix and match 30 different princess items to add to their photos, including dresses, hair, wands, jewelry and more. Users can purchase image packs from the rest of the iLook App series. Additional packs will be added all the time for nearly limitless fun and enjoyment.

Back to the roots – Spielhaus rewrites its first iPhone Timer App

Starting out on the already crowded Apple App Store with a timer application, Spielhaus managed to convey the user experience that made the iPhone so popular into a useful every day app called “Timr”. After months of small incremental updates, Spielhaus decided to completely rewrite the app. They left the best parts in and reengineered the rest. As it stands Timr is one of the most streamlined yet underestimated timer apps available.

SlipBox Extends Your Memory with Associative Searches

Tabi Software announces that the mobile version of its popular SlipBox application is now available for download on Apple’s App Store. SlipBox is a no-frills, professional note-taking application with associative searches. It is designed for maintaining large collections of notes over an extended period. Its main feature are its mechanisms to intelligently use the accumulated knowledge with associative searches via information scents – the same mechanism used by human memory.

Adaptive Alarm Clock reduces stress and stress hormones

The personal and adaptive alarm clock The Gentle Alarm 1.0 is a new and easy to use sleep cycle alarm clock for iPhone and iPod touch. Its patented mechanism serves to reduce stress hormone levels. Therefore it makes weight loss easier, increases skeletal muscle mass, improves cognitive performance, physical fitness and general health. The Gentle Alarm does not require an additional implement, such as wristband motion sensors, sound sensors or movement sensors.

SpiritPad Remote pushes iPad to iPhone connectivity to a whole new realm

With SpiritPad Remote for the iPhone, you can now connect to any iPad running SpiritPad: The Oracle and take control of the Ouija seance experience. Control the Planchette remotely from your iPhone or iPod touch. You take control of the seance and have all the fun of a mischievous spirit without having to pass on to the other side. You can trigger 8 different creepy Sound Effects remotely at completely inappropriate times.

iScape takes landscape design to another dimension

South Carolina based Home Revivals LLC helps make your vision a reality with iScape 1.1, a new app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Developed to assist both novice and professional landscape designers alike, this innovative app allows you to see your landscape options before any work starts, before you spend any money or doing any digging. Access an ever-increasing image database that offers a wide variety of shrubs, flowers, and trees – plus such gazebos, fountains, pavers and lawn ornaments.

Ian Miller releases Salesdiver 1.5 for iOS

Portland based independent developer Ian Miller today announces Salesdiver 1.5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Salesdiver helps sales people manage their sales pipeline and qualify their opportunities better. The result is more closed sales and more accurate forecasting. In addition, Salesdiver supports all the world’s currencies, and comes at a new base price. Some optional features are now offered as in app purchases, such as being able to email opportunity status information.

NextGamez releases Mr Pig Muddy 1.0 for iOS – Give Piggy a Bath

Dutch game development studio NextGamez today announces Mr Pig Muddy 1.0, an addictive physics-based game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. While pigs are very intelligent and can be trained to do tricks and such, Mr pig muddy is not fond of bathing. Your goal is to get him bathing. Each of the 30 levels requires logic, skills. Mr Pig Muddy features hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based farm settings, demolition of hay bales, construction and many special features and objects.

Stencils App for iPhone and iPod touch enables creativity for all

California based 7twenty7 LLC today released Stencils – Draw & Design! 1.0, an App that enables users to create high-quality artwork on their iPhone and iPod touch devices, no matter what their artistic ability is. The Stencils App comes with a built-in library of over 100 stencil shapes in 10 categories. Other features include multi-level undo, the ability to open a photo to paint directly on, and the option to save or email the creation directly from the App.

Cubimon and Cubimon HD iPhone and iPad games for Free during Halloween

Lisbon based Imaginatr has set all of their successful Cubimon puzzle series titles for free this Halloween. Designed especially for the iPhone and iPad, Cubimon and Cubimon HD are simple and funny puzzle games. The game consists of a moving square matrix and you need to align elements with the same color together to clear space. If you are not quick enough and run out of space you loose the game. If you like challenging, speed combination puzzle games, you will enjoy Cubimon.

iSoundGrid Halloween – Imagine Yourself as a Halloween Sound DJ

iSoundGrid Halloween for iPad from developer Mobz Technologies will help you create the perfect haunted house ambience on All Hallow’s Eve. With 10 ambient sounds and 40 different audio effects, you’ll be able to create a spooky mix of sounds sure to unnerve your Halloween visitors. Three play styles let you control the way sound effects are played while slider bars allow you to adjust the pitch and gain.