‘ATV Madness’ Review – Simple and Enjoyable Racing-Style Game

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ATV Madness for iPhone is a fun racing game where you ride your ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) through a variety of tracks and terrains and compete for more difficult tracks and better equipment.


This game uses the tilt-to-steer interface that is popular among other racing games such as Cro-Mag Rally and Real Racing. It’s easy enough to pick up and put down, but it’s also possible to while away the hours trying to best your competition and yourself. It’s not a Game Center enabled game and doesn’t have an online or multiplayer mode, but it’s a solid game that can be played without an active Internet connection.

ATV Madness is developed by XLab Technologies, which has a handful of racing-style games. It’s $2.99 on the U.S. app store and doesn’t have any in-app purchases. It’s a fair price for what the game offers.

You start with a basic ATV and a basic track and earn your way to bigger and better, and more difficult, things. I found the first track dark and really couldn’t play in certain lighting conditions. Other tracks got better and were easier to tell track from vehicle, and track from terrain.

Eventually you can upgrade your ATV with equipment that affects the power, brakes, or grip by using the credits you earn from racing.

ATV Madness-2

The steering and acceleration are responsive enough without being squirrely. There’s also a freestyle trick function that makes for some interesting and helpful skills to learn along the way.

The graphics were smooth and detailed, which made choosing your line through the track easy to identify. The music was appropriately country-ish, but didn’t overpower the sound of the ATV, which is an important source of feedback. It also had tactile feedback when you would bump into fences, barriers, or other ATVs.

This is an enjoyable, solid racing-style game. While the options may be on the simple side, that may actually be one of the games strengths.
ATV Madness - XLab Technologies

  • Simple options keeps you focused on the racing
  • Tracks challenging enough to keep you coming back
  • Tilt control steering works well


  • Orientation doesn’t rotate with the device
  • Some tracks were dark and difficult to see track and vehicle
  • Not a lot of instructions/help


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