AT&T Changes iPhone Upgrade Eligibility Ahead of iPhone 4G / HD launch



It seems many current iPhone users in the United States are getting an unexpected gift from AT&T. Both MacRumors and TUAW are reporting AT&T customers have received text messages and notifications on AT&T’s website in regards to early upgrade availability. For an $18 USD charge, a new contract and no early termination fee, iPhone users can upgrade. Of course, there is no indication what the users can upgrade to yet. One could reasonably expect it’s the much speculated iPhone 4G / HD slated for introduction at WWDC 2010 live keynote by Steve Jobs.

Considering the situation AT&T finds itself in, moving up iPhone upgrades was an easy and welcome move by the American telecom company. Ongoing dissatisfaction with their cellular network and recent changes in pricing structures have left many users wondering if staying with the iPhone is worth it. Sprint’s EVO and Verizon’s Droid Incredible Android handsets are benefiting from the discontent with their similar feature sets and networks perceived to be better than AT&T. The ball was really in AT&T’s court in regards to customer retention and satisfaction and it seems like they finally did something in that regards.

It will be interesting to see if the new iPhone 4G / HD, in conjunction with this change in eligibility requirements and their more inexpensive (but capped) data plans, will help out AT&T.

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