AT&T holiday block may signal Apple iPhone 4G launch dates

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As in previous years multiple sources are confirming that AT&T has put an unusual block on staff holidays for this year. In previous years the only reason for a holiday ban like this from AT&T is for an Apple iPhone launch.

The interesting thing is that this year the ban is in June. Which signals that perhaps the iPhone 4G will launch a little earlier than its previously expected debut of July.

The Apple WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) is rumored to be set for June 28th through July 2 this year. This information comes from a “Corporate Event” booking having been spotted in the Moscone Center Calandar. This is the normal “code” for the booking, and has proved reliable in previous years. Based on those dates many people assumed that new hardware and the new iPhone OS would debut there. But Apple does not always wait until the developer conference to release pivotal items. It is a developer conference after all, and does not always deliver important new hardware announcements.

Nothing is set in stone, and this is all rumor at the moment. But with Apple releasing the iPhone 4.0 OS as a Developer preview much earlier than perviously expected perhaps Apple’s schedules for the rest of the year are set to similarly surprise us.

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