AT&T Drops Below Almost Everyone In Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Yes yes, it is indeed true. We didn’t believe it at first either, but apparently AT&T have actually managed to get worse according to the Customer Satisfaction Index from the Associated Press.

With AT&T now falling below fellow strugglers Sprint, the company joins T-Mobile at the bottom of the rankings. Not great news for those hoping the impending AT&T purchase of T-Mobile will improve the situation for either outfit.

As TUAW reports, Sprint and Verizon are both ranked above the two would-be partners.

Sprint and Verizon both get a score of 72 in the survey, which was done by polling 8,000 households in the first quarter of the year. AT&T is at the bottom with a score of 66, down 3 points from last year. T-Mobile scores a 70, also down 3 from a year ago.

What will concern AT&T the most here is that their spending millions of Dollars on upgrading and expanding its network appears to have been for nothing – what do they have to do to arrest the situation? Many had hoped the iPhone finding its way to a second carrier would help alleviate many AT&T service problems that were believed to be caused by network congestion. That appears to have not been the case.

Poor old AT&T, they really can’t catch a break can they?


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