Astroslugs Deluxe for iPad A Fun, Challenging Puzzle Game (Review)

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Astroslugs Deluxe for iPad-1

Rating: ★★★½☆

The latest in a long line of puzzle games to slime it’s way onto the iPad is Astroslugs Deluxe from Bit Barons.

There is a back story to the game and this time it’s based around the highly evolved Astroslugs who travel around the universe visiting planets searching for slug energy, pretty self explanatory right! In it’s current release Astroslugs Deluxe contains 4 planets to traverse with a total of 35 puzzles to complete. While this is not a huge number of levels new content is promised free of charge via future updates.

The game has smooth cartoon graphics and the first planet you have to conquer contains just 5 simple puzzles to get you going. Each level presents you with a blank grid which needs to be filled using a set variety of shapes. These shapes are Tetris style in shape plus a few additional shapes and placing them into the grid is as simple as drawing them.

Astroslugs Deluxe for iPad-2

Each puzzle has multiple solutions and this can sometimes make finding the right solution more difficult, fortunately you have the option of using clues that will show you where some of the puzzle pieces fit which will help get you started. Each puzzle has multiple clues and the only downside to using them appears to be the unlocking of certain achievements pertaining to clue usage.

Talking of achievements Astroslugs Deluxe is GameCenter enabled and has an impressive 32 achievements which include simple achievements such as following Astroslugs on Twitter, clicking the help button and downloading the soundtrack as well as game related ones.

Astroslugs Deluxe for iPad-3

As you move through the 4 planets the difficulty level rises quite considerable and I found myself often having to use at least one of the clues to get me started on solving the puzzles.

The atmosphere of the game is complimented by the music which provides a great chilled out soundtrack to the game which can even be purchased separately if you so wish!

Astroslugs Deluxe is currently $1.99 in the App Store and provides a challenging, yet short set of puzzles to entertain you while pushing your grey matter to the max.
Astroslugs Deluxe for iPad - Bit Barons GmbH

  • Challenging set of puzzles
  • Chilled out music
  • Multiple clues


  • Only 35 levels
  • Steep learning curve


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